Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why I Love Homeschooling (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared some thoughts I wrote down in September about why I love homeschooling. Since then I have written down some others that have come to mind. The more I think about these the more I really do love being a homeschool family and thankful that God has led us to do this at this time in our lives.

Teaching Jesus First
I love that we can open our day with prayer, Bible reading and talking about Jesus as a family. We also are able to talk about God in everything we learn, which I love. At the doctor last week, when asked what his favorite subject in school was, Jamey replied, "learning about Jesus!" What parent doesn't want to hear that?

Family Being Together
As a homeschool family we get to do a lot together. This is such a blessing! Can it be stressful at times? Absolutely! But we also learn and grow together in many different ways. With Jim being a nurse, it also means a lot of Daddy time for the kids and he really runs the primary part of our homeschool day. I think we all love this. I know I do!

Family Learning Together
As Jim or I teach the kids, we learn too! As we teach the older ones, the little ones get to hear and begin learning things as well. It is so much fun when we all read a story together and can talk about it on different levels and hear what each other gets from it. This doesn't happen all of the time, but as the kids get older it is becoming more frequent and it is so precious.

Watching Things Click
I cannot explain to you how happy it makes my heart when I see one of my kids get something and we all celebrate. Whether they are struggling with a concept or just learning something new, there is something so precious in their eyes when they have that "aha" moment and they get it.

Kids Teaching Each Other
This is beginning to happen more and it makes my heart melt. Last week I sat and listened to Lillian read to Reuben. What a precious moment! Both Jamey and Lillian help the little boys with their letters, phonics and numbers at times. It is exciting to see this starting so young and I pray it will continue.

I am sure these are not all the reasons I love homeschooling, but they are the most prevalent. Why do you love your school choice?

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