Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Blessings

March went by super fast! We had a lot going on this month as we are doing everything we can to finish school before June to give me time to prepare for this 6th baby. Even with busy days, God has shown us His great love and mercy and I'm so thankful that He is my God! Here are some of this months blessings.

  1. Having a Sunday with nothing extra
  2. Seeing Jen
  3. Taking a nap
  4. Lillian waking me up with kisses
  5. Free pancakes at IHOP!!!!
  6. Meeting another family very similar to ours
  7. Driving home safely while snow is falling
  8. Julianne
  9. Getting more organization done upstairs
  10. Time to talk with Jim
  11. Not turning on the TV all day (getting back to this)
  12. Time to hang out by myself at home
  13. Going to celebrate Shannon and her baby boy!
  14. Getting extra school work done
  15. Jim not having to work on a Saturday night
  16. Encouragement from dear friends
  17. Jim being awake for church
  18. Lillian willingly sharing her milkshake
  19. Kids sleeping until at least 6 am! (No really that is HUGE!)
  20. God moving in Jim, me and our home
  21. Jim growing in listening and being there for me emotionally
  22. Time to catch up with Dana
  23. Jamey and Lillian going to CG
  24. Going to Sweet Frog
  25. Not yelling at my kids (this was a 1 time thing, but such God's grace)
  26. Getting more organizing done
  27. Going to water aerobics
  28. Encouraging first time moms
  29. Reading a decent amount
  30. Getting needed emails written and budget filled in
  31. Finishing The Odyssey
  32. Seeing Ben, Jill and their kids
  33. Baby Dedication at Sojourn
  34. Catching up with Sarah
  35. Being encouraged
  36. Getting Jim's car fixed
  37. Lots of family errands getting done and the kids handling it well
  38. Free ice cream cones at DQ
  39. Book club
  40. Reaching viability day with our little boy!
  41. Playgroup at the park!
  42. Getting a large amount of the kitchen organized
  43. Great date night with Jim- talking about things we enjoy doing
  44. Getting our Sonlight curriculum for next year and organizing it
  45. Working on things that needed to be done and accomplishing a lot
  46. Water Aerobics and Mom's Night Out (great combo!)
  47. Going on a homeschool mom's retreat with no cell service!
  48. God stretching and growing me
  49. Sharing a devotional about joy that opened up opportunities to minister to other women
  50. God's great grace
  51. Winning a 1 hour massage with manicure and pedicure
  52. Catching up with people at church
  53. $10 stuffed crust pizza
  54. Low-key family day
  55. Jim moving to day shift
  56. Sharing feelings quickly instead of harboring them
  57. Catching up with the Robinettes
  58. Sharing our testimonies with CG
  59. Jamey losing his first tooth! (he's getting so big)
  60. Date night with Jim- Homerun Burgers, Pie Kitchen and Good conversation
  61. Making it through Jim's first day shift
  62. Getting to take a nap during the day
  63. Jamey and Lillian helping a lot
  64. Jamey volunteering to empty dish washer
  65. Jim being home on a Friday night
  66. Sleeping in
  67. Getting more of the kitchen organized
  68. Jim being home on a Saturday
  69. Seeing Fiddler On The Roof at the Jewish Community Center
  70. Subway
  71. Time with my God
  72. God being awesome!

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