Thursday, March 3, 2016

Emmie's Hommeschool Day with a 7, 5, 4, 3, 1 and 8 Month Old

I am linking up with Simple Homeschool blog to share what a typical day in the Manor homeschool looks like.

This year has been more challenging as we are formally schooling 4 and have a busy 1 year old who wants to do everything his older siblings do! Our aim is to be up by 7 and eating breakfast. We start the morning with individual Bible reading and breakfast. After breakfast we do a quick clean of the kitchen and prep for school time.

We aim to start our formal school time by 8, but with so many little ones this usually does not happen. As soon as we can, we gather for Bible time found in our Sonlight curriculum. We do calendar/time and recitation. After our joint time, the older 2 have their lists to work on what they can by themselves and I work with the middle boys using the Memoria Pre-K curriculum. My middle boys love their school time. My 1 year old often sits in during this time. After doing a few things together, the middle boys enjoy doing their own work in their workbooks.

Usually by this time we are getting ready for lunch. During lunch, we do joint history and have read a-loud time. After lunch I attempt to do some one on one work with the older 2. When my husband is home it's easier, but sometimes this does not happen with the little ones running around. We do our best to leave the TV off, but at times, the middle 3 boys get to watch a Leap Frog movie so other work can get done! During good weather they will often go outside to play.

At 1 we have a rest time. The younger boys always lie down. For the older kids this time changes and we're still in process of figuring out what works best most days, but it usually consists of reading, drawing, coloring or building with Legos. Sometimes we have to do more school work, but I do my best to be done with everything by 1, even if we're a little behind because other days we will have more time and get caught up or ahead by 1. I use this time to read, write or do other needed things.

Rest time is officially over at 3, but sometimes naps go a little longer. From 3-4 is free play time. I encourage outside time, especially if it's nice. Energy often needs an outlet by this time.

Around 4 one of the kids and an adult start making dinner. This is great hands on learning time for the older kids. Then dinner, free play or movie, family Bible time and prayer. Then bed.

I have no great insights into schooling so many with littles and I'm constantly evaluating how to help things run more smoothly. The thing I find helps the most is consistency. The past couple of months have been chaotic in our home and we need some consistency. I hope to get back to this regular schedule soon.

So that's a good day in the Manor home school.

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  1. I think you rock at homeschooling your family! I like how you include a child in dinner prep. :)