Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Blessings

Wow! Where did March go? It has been a busy month for our family,but also a blessing. God has been so faithful to us and provided in so many ways. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Having a productive day
  2. Getting more packed
  3. Pop Tarts for $1
  4. Family meal night at CG
  5. Meeting new people
  6. Working on some needed projects
  7. Monkey bread
  8. Starbucks gift card
  9. Getting to see Jim at work
  10. Becca getting home early
  11. Talking through issues
  12. Getting joint school work done
  13. Time to pray together
  14. Getting out of town on time
  15. Becca getting breakfast
  16. Kids doing well in the car
  17. Getting to see the whole family
  18. Pizza for dinner
  19. Gabriel and Sam napping hard
  20. Having fun with family pictures
  21. Big family dinner
  22. Everyone being together
  23. Getting to journal on a Sunday morning
  24. Seeing many Brothers and Sisters at FBC Smyrna
  25. Great discussion in Sunday School
  26. Being encouraged in our family
  27. Great sermon on missions
  28. Getting a 12-passenger van
  29. God's provision
  30. Kids loving the van
  31. Daddy getting to go with us
  32. Good drive home
  33. Finding a McDonald's with a playground
  34. Closing out our CD
  35. Getting Memoria ordered
  36. Beautiful weather
  37. Talking through suffering 
  38. God moving
  39. Napping
  40. A day of school we weren't counting on
  41. Lillian getting salad stuff for me
  42. Getting pictures uploaded
  43. Getting things done 
  44. Staying on top of things
  45. Gabriel singing "I thank Thee, Lord"
  46. Working through things with God
  47. Writing
  48. Blog posts
  49. Kids Book Club
  50. Kids meeting new friends
  51. Snuggling with Lil
  52. M&M milkshake
  53. Mission house warming party
  54. Catching up with friends
  55. Jim getting lots of work done
  56. Restful afternoon
  57. Gabriel helping out
  58. CG hangout time
  59. Getting to church on time
  60. Nap
  61. Taking pictures of Sam
  62. Swagbucks
  63. Amazon gift card
  64. Friends coming over
  65. Jamey helping Lillian with math
  66. Jim working extra and coming home at 3
  67. Norwex
  68. Book Club
  69. God's continual provision for us
  70. Spending time with the Fishers
  71. Getting to be outside in nice weather
  72. Seeing Jim for a few minutes
  73. Talking to Jessica
  74. Getting comfortable with driving the new van
  75. Jim being home
  76. Jim getting errands and school work done
  77. Setting up stuff for Norwex
  78. Date Night in
  79. Working with Jim
  80. Work getting started in our back yard for lead removal
  81. Being more present
  82. Prioritizing activities
  83. Kids cuteness and napping
  84. Time with Jim
  85. School and lunch outside
  86. Getting some extended time with God in the Word
  87. Going on mom's retreat
  88. Leading the morning devotional
  89. Time to hear from Ashley
  90. Prayer
  91. Connecting with Sisters
  92. Reminders of grace
  93. Getting through Sunday with Jim working
  94. Subway!
  95. Productive afternoon
  96. Prepping for 1st business week
  97. Fun field trip
  98. Successful launch party
  99. Learning
  100. Getting packed for inside work
  101. Getting packed and out of the house by 8:30
  102. Refrigerators
  103. Time at the part
  104. Catching up with friends
  105. Free dinner at the hotel
  106. Making it through the day
  107. The flexibility of co-op
  108. Restful afternoon
  109. Free dinner again!
  110. Date night out after 3 weeks!
  111. TV and cable we don't pay for
  112. Cheaper Chick-fil-A
  113. Making it through a whole day in the hotel without another adult
  114. Great online launch party
  115. Kids doing well
  116. God's amazing mercy and blessing us more than anyone deserves
  117. Surviving 2 days in the hotel
  118. Catching up with Anna
  119. Making it to the Good Friday service
  120. Getting to move back into our house
  121. Clean kitchen
  122. Getting some cleaning and organizing done
  123. Time to spend with Jessica
  124. Learning and encouraging
  125. HE IS RISEN!!!!!
  126. Easter Sunday
  127. Relaxing afternoon at the McMillin's house
  128. Kids playing well together and outside
  129. Yummy food!
  130. Going to bed early
  131. Sleeping until 8:15
  132. God's grace for a better day
  133. Doing joint school time
  134. Being with the kids
  135. Reaching 1st Norwex goal!
  136. Sam praying
  137. Getting our van sold for more than we expected! 
  138. Seeing the baby
  139. Scheduling 3 appointments out
  140. Getting party closed out
  141. Good doctor appointments for Jamey and Nehemiah
  142. Going to CG after 3 crazy weeks
  143. Fun last day of co-op
  144. Free Chick-fil-A
  145. Cheaper gas
  146. Getting to see Jim at work
  147. Doing some April planning
  148. Becca finding out what's wrong with her stomach
  149. Sara being able to watch the kids
  150. God's great grace in everything

*Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Sales Consultant

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