Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Blessings

May has been full of blessings from our wonderful God! Here is a sample of them.

  1. Good sermon on work
  2. Restful afternoon
  3. Being together as a family
  4. God's great mercy
  5. New month
  6. Jim having extended time with God
  7. Lillian turning 6!
  8. Fun family day
  9. Not being on the computer or having the TV on for 2 days!
  10. Learning to let go
  11. Meeting another Mom of Many
  12. Good productivity and fun together
  13. Productive day
  14. Cleaning up some of the bathroom
  15. Becca hanging up the shelf
  16. Norwex site up again
  17. Being home all day
  18. Good time at CG
  19. Field trip attempt
  20. Seeing friends
  21. Jim finishing his spring class!
  22. Long date evening
  23. Pistachio gelato at Sweet Frog
  24. Discount
  25. Time with the Felix family
  26. Pizza, apples and cookies
  27. Friends in Jesus
  28. Finishing the school week strong
  29. Cleaning and some organizing
  30. Teaching
  31. Jericho Prayer
  32. Dunkin Donuts
  33. Grocery shopping by myself and not over spending
  34. Testing the Car Wash Mitt (It's Great!)
  35. Great sermon on who God is vs who we are
  36. Writing blog posts
  37. Being disciplined with the computer
  38. Pictures
  39. Cleaning and organizing the whole kitchen
  40. Visit from the Vander Weerts
  41. Encouragement
  42. Sam praying
  43. Switching beds around
  44. Talking to Becca
  45. Learning more about how Jesus feels
  46. Reading 2 chapters
  47. Gabriel growing in prayer
  48. Meeting the Gunns
  49. Cleaning our room
  50. Chick-fil-A
  51. Good inexpensive coffee
  52. More in depth prayer
  53. Time to work
  54. Growing in fearlessness
  55. Jamey working hard
  56. Kids growing in prayer
  57. Cheap Taco Bell
  58. Good doctors appointments
  59. Celebrating Gage's 1st birthday
  60. Meeting new people
  61. Great sermon on prayer
  62. Washing my hair
  63. God tangibly answering prayer as yes right away
  64. Finishing "Large Family Logistics"
  65. Lot's of baking
  66. Time with the Browns
  67. Book Club
  68. Time to talk with Meagan
  69. Hearing other's stories and evidences of grace
  70. Good uneventful drive to GA
  71. Getting package before leaving town
  72. Seeing people at FBC Smyrna
  73. Hanging out with Daddy and Brit
  74. Jim having breakfast with Jeff
  75. Doing announcements with Mom at school
  76. Seeing Emily
  77. Seeing how far God has brought us
  78. Lunch with Julie
  79. Seeing Brendon and Kyle
  80. Spending the morning with the Murdocks
  81. Cooking out with the family
  82. Cousins playing together
  83. Seeing Jacob and Rachel
  84. Joint SS and Worship at FBC Smyrna
  85. Seeing many friends
  86. Safe drive to FL
  87. Playgrounds
  88. Jim's mom welcoming us
  89. Good first meeting for the kids
  90. Kids doing well at the beach their first time
  91. God protecting our family
  92. Time with Laura and Jon
  93. Taking pictures on the beach
  94. Taking a nap
  95. God giving me a clear mind
  96. Britney having a great Norwex Party
  97. Celebrating Jim's birthday
  98. Great discussion in Sunday School
  99. Great sermon on dealing with hard times
  100. Getting on the road early
  101. Getting mostly unpacked
  102. Being told I was smart for having my kids close together
  103. Kids sleeping later than they have been
  104. Time with Jim
  105. Lillian's music recital

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