Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Product Spotlight #4

Getting back to my Top 10 List, I want to share the Envirocloth (p.6) with you today.

The EnviroCloth is great! It is the most versatile cleaning product I have ever used and works wonders on such a variety of surfaces anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to the car. Being able to clean with just the cloth and water is wonderful. Don't have to worry about using harmful chemicals and it works great. An added bonus is being able to hand it to the kids and let them go clean without worrying about them using the cleaning products. The Envirocloth has changed the way we clean and has made us more inclined to clean!

I'm also a huge fan because being pregnant often has hindered how much I can clean since most cleaners are not safe for women who are pregnant to use or inhale. I would have to ask others to help and stay clear of the rooms they were cleaning. Now it's not a problem (except for the baby being in the way :) ) I can pick up an Envirocloth, wet it and clean quickly and easily in very little time.

What do you need to clean quickly and easily?

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (p. 6)

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