Monday, October 31, 2016

October Blessings

As October comes to a close I can't figure out where it went. But I do know that even in the blur that was this month, God has been very gracious to us and blessed us far more than we deserve. Here is a picture of the blessings we have experienced this month.

  1. Productive school day
  2. Malachi attempting to nurse and doing OK with it
  3. Spending time with the middle boys
  4. Singing with the kids
  5. Evening with Jim before a long week
  6. Ryan and Becca coming to help for the day
  7. Hearing about work in Asia
  8. Catching up with Brian and Karine
  9. "Blue Bloods"
  10. Jim enjoying class
  11. Jim being home at dinner time
  12. Jamey and Lillian working on science together
  13. Working on business
  14. Encouragement to reach out
  15. Time with the younger boys
  16. Everyone at CG and the kids doing well
  17. Meeting Jim for lunch at school
  18. Running errands
  19. Good milk production
  20. Getting work going again
  21. Talking future with Jim and hearing his thoughts
  22. Good nutrition visit
  23. Uploading pictures
  24. Ordering pictures to change the wall
  25. A little time to write
  26. Getting into co-op with the kids helping
  27. Talking with Tara
  28. Free spaghetti for dinner
  29. Jim coming home early
  30. Playing "LOTR Trivial Pursuit"
  31. Cleaning and organizing the entire living room
  32. Jim cleaning the kitchen
  33. Getting most of to-do list done for the week
  34. Great sermon on how we're all messed up
  35. Sunday class encouragement
  36. Time to really talk with Jim
  37. Watching a movie together
  38. Having a good day with the kids
  39. Working on Box Tops
  40. Getting addresses
  41. Kids working well
  42. Neo singing Noah
  43. Good postpartum appt
  44. Being encouraged in my knowledge of birth
  45. Getting groceries with the baby
  46. Catalogs
  47. Free Starbucks
  48. Good CG discussion on vulnerability
  49. Getting party set up
  50. God opening my eyes more and open wrestling with Him
  51. Jamey asking to take a nap and to do housework
  52. Learning more balance
  53. Fun Norwex party
  54. New customer
  55. Catching up with Candice
  56. New Pizza place
  57. Jim planning date night
  58. Good writing group
  59. Catching up with Sisters
  60. First time to a pumpkin patch
  61. Time with our community
  62. Fun pictures
  63. Getting to bed early
  64. Good sermon on growing in Spiritual maturity
  65. Jim seeing to make the best decision for all
  66. Restful afternoon
  67. "The Chase:
  68. Good Dentist appt
  69. Neo taking steps!
  70. Cleaning the majority of the kitchen
  71. Getting packed
  72. Haircuts for all the boys
  73. Having a calm spirit
  74. Productivity for being home without Jim
  75. Good intense discussion at CG
  76. Challenging each other
  77. Kids doing well all day
  78. Going to eat lunch with Jim at work
  79. Time with Gage
  80. Being available to help
  81. Unexpected blessings
  82. Comfy Cow with Sara
  83. Finishing a couple of projects
  84. Lillian having time with Jim
  85. Learning to let go of perfection
  86. Being reminded what's important
  87. Getting to co-op early
  88. Being in Karate
  89. Jim being able to help in the afternoon
  90. Getting on the road by 3 pm
  91. Kids sleeping in the car
  92. Caravaning with Becca and Ryan
  93. Chick-fil-A Breakfast with Max
  94. Relaxing afternoon
  95. Time with cousins
  96. Seeing FBC Smyrna Family
  97. Seeing Noemi
  98. Unexpected gift
  99. Great sermon on giving our whole life to God
  100. Shower for Rachel and Becca
  101. Time with Brit
  102. Jim having breakfast with Jeff
  103. Getting on the road early
  104. Talking with Jim while driving
  105. Encouragement
  106. Making good time
  107. McDonald's with good inside playground
  108. Nehemiah saying "amen", singing, dancing and walking
  109. Meal night at CG
  110. Catching up with Meagan
  111. Surprise big Norwex order
  112. Closing out 1 party
  113. Jim working an extra 4 hours
  114. Getting through a really busy day without too much incident
  115. God protecting our teeth
  116. Being able to be honest without losing it
  117. Playdate with Shannon & Gage, Courtney & Asher
  118. Doing some much needed work
  119. Talking with the kids
  120. Nursery 4th hour at co-op
  121. Working on clearer scheduling
  122. Aldi's pizza for dinner
  123. Sleep
  124. Helping out Will and Abby and getting to know them more
  125. Relaxing afternoon
  126. Talking with Alicia
  127. God providing
  128. Good sermon on abundance
  129. Learning about worshiping as a couple
  130. Advocate training- learning more about encouraging workers
  131. Solutions to issues in the house
  132. Jim getting to work on school
  133. Time to work together in the office
  134. Good OT
  135. Family movie night

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