Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Blessings

September was a full and busy month with many blessing even in the chaos. Here is a glimpse of the blessings for our family this month.

  1. Feeling more normal
  2. Enjoying time with the kids
  3. Sholtes bringing dinner
  4. Reading
  5. Making a plan for getting Malachi's weight back up
  6. Lunch date with Jim
  7. Having a pump
  8. Fun girls night painting with Becca, Dee Dee and Angie
  9. Roger fixing several of our electrical issues
  10. Creative side coming out
  11. Working fans and lights
  12. "American Bible Challenge"
  13. Lots of hugs and kisses
  14. Ifeoma bringing snacks
  15. Making a big to-do list
  16. Great sermon on ministry and prayer
  17. Taking family pictures
  18. Pizza from Kate
  19. Enjoying family time
  20. Getting more milk out
  21. Singing with the kids
  22. Kids wanting to learn more about the Bible
  23. Extra sleep
  24. Time to read and pray
  25. Malachi gaining weight
  26. Parents getting here safely
  27. Yummy lunch date with Jim
  28. Good cg discussion
  29. Writing blog posts
  30. Reuben turning 5!
  31. Blueberry pound cake with blueberry drizzle
  32. Reuben enjoying his light sword
  33. IHOP with the family
  34. Kids playing well together
  35. Getting new contacts
  36. Meeting Riley
  37. Girls afternoon
  38. Panera
  39. Manicure and Pedicure
  40. Getting my hair done
  41. Seeing Courtney
  42. Seeing family
  43. Fun rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  44. Older boys helping my parents
  45. Malachi sleeping 7 hours!
  46. Celebrating Ryan and Becca's marriage
  47. Kids doing well in the ceremony
  48. Good family pictures
  49. Sara helping us at the wedding
  50. Dancing
  51. Good food 
  52. Cookies
  53. Berry Twist Banana Split
  54. Snuggling with Malachi
  55. Starting the school year with the kids
  56. Mom working with Nehemiah and Sam
  57. Getting almost everything done with housework by myself
  58. Courtney bringing food
  59. Kids singing and working hard
  60. Family treat at Comfy Cow
  61. 2 days without TV!
  62. Kids excited about CG
  63. Chick-fil-A
  64. Making it through a VERY HARD DAY
  65. Nehemiah standing up on his own
  66. Member meeting
  67. Alison and Althea helping with the kids
  68. How God is growing Sojourn and our neighborhood
  69. Nehemiah and Malachi growing a lot
  70. Good OT and nutrition visits
  71. Bakes Ziti
  72. 3 days without TV!
  73. First day of co-op going well and Jim able to go with us
  74. Free dinner
  75. Nehemiah helping Malachi with his pacifier
  76. Making organization plans
  77. Ordering announcements
  78. Ordering baby calendar
  79. Great sermon on reconciliation
  80. Hearing from Daniel and Jamaal
  81. Playing the dance game
  82. Connecting with Jim
  83. Costco
  84. Jim meeting with Nathan
  85. Encouragement
  86. Tackling the online world after 3 weeks away
  87. Errands as a family
  88. Gifted a weekend in Chicago in March!
  89. Reevaluating life
  90. Sam saying Bible verses
  91. Feeling more peace
  92. Grace with deal with a bad situation
  93. Ryan and Becca watching the kids
  94. Plans for including kids in CG
  95. Catching up with Shannon
  96. Errands with Gabriel
  97. Seeing Ryan and Becca's wedding pictures!
  98. Surviving
  99. Uploading pictures
  100. Stealing moments with Malachi
  101. Malachi turning 1 month!
  102. Posting birth story
  103. Eating lunch with Tara
  104. Meeting new people
  105. Lots of free food
  106. Getting upstairs rearranged and beginning to clean
  107. Kids helping
  108. A week with almost no TV!
  109. Good sermon on the miraculous
  110. Book Club continuing
  111. Getting announcements
  112. Fellowship
  113. Jim meeting with Paul
  114. Curry on the stove
  115. Getting a prescription with out an appointment!
  116. Doing well with school time
  117. Dinner at CG
  118. Sam feeding Malachi
  119. Catching up with friends
  120. Washing my hair
  121. Gyros
  122. Working on plans for next 2 months
  123. Cleaning out email
  124. Talking to Britney
  125. Lunchables
  126. Getting to know people
  127. Arby's
  128. Really talking and working through something with Jim
  129. Seeing God moving and working
  130. Salvation

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