Saturday, October 15, 2016

Product Spotlight #10

The Cleaning Paste (p. 18) from Norwex is the magic eraser that lasts forever. It comes in a solid block and it only takes a little bit to do the job. Used with the Scrubby Corner Cloth (p.7), tough stains and stuck on grime become easy to remove! My stove had a LOT of burnt on debris. Cleaning Paste, Scrubby Corner Cloth and a couple minutes of elbow grease cleaned it off and made it look almost new!

Cleaning Paste is also excellent at using to polish and protect many types of surfaces, such as chrome, porcelain and stainless steel. (Should not be used on Brushed stainless steel.) With the holidays near by you may be bringing out your silver to use for parties and events. Use Cleaning Paste to shine it right up, ready to serve with confidence that there is nothing toxic on your serving pieces.

Shown here with an Envirocloth and Window Cloth, the difference is evident.

We love the Cleaning Paste in our house as it has removed spots from all kinds of surfaces, and when you have 7 kids that's very important! Since you only need a little to get a good clean, it is much more cost effective than similar products to do the same job. This is also extremely important when you have a big family. It's a win all around!

How could you use cleaning paste in your house?

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