Friday, December 30, 2016

Classics Challenge Wrap-Up

Twelve month and eleven classics later, I've expanded my reading repertoire and I'm thankful I did. On the whole I enjoyed the classics that I chose, but there were a couple that were not my favorite. I think in general the ones I didn't like as much were ones that were not what I was expecting. I am thankful that I stretched myself, pushing through books I was not really enjoying, to grow in my knowledge of classics. The more I read them the more I appreciate stories of the past and the lives of people in other cultures and times. I very much look forward to reading more classics next year!

If you're interested you can see all of this year's book reviews linked below.

A 19th Century Classic: The Purloined Letter
A 20th Century Classic: The Old Man and the Sea
A Classic by a Woman Author: A Murder is Announced
A Classic in Translation: Don Quixote
A Classic by a Non-White Author: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
An Adventure Classic: Treasure Island
A Fantasy, Science Fiction or Dystopian Classic: Dracula
A Classic Detective Novel: Murder on the Orient Express
A Classic Which Includes the Name of a Place in the Title: The Merchant of Venice
A Classic Which Has Been Banned or Censored: Les Liasons Dangereuses
Re-read a Classic You Read In School: Light in August
A Volume of Classic Short Stories:  A Good Man is Hard to Find and other stories

With 11 classics I have 2 entries for this year's drawing!

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