Saturday, December 29, 2012

1 Month

My little Gabriel is already one month old! How the time flies. Having family in town and celebrating the holidays does make time go faster. He has gained 2 pounds in 3 week now weighing in at 9lbs 5oz. And he is almost 22 inches long. I knew he was growing, but I did not think he had grown that much. That is such a blessing. He has become so alert and loves to look around. I am thankful that he is strong and already has some head control. He is currently going through a growth spurt so he is not sleeping as much, but he had been giving some 4-5 hour stretches at night.

Perhaps the best thing I have been learning (again) is how unique each person is. Having 4 kids it is easy to compare, but really you cannot compare. They are each different with their own personality, growth, look and learning curve. It's fun to see the similarities, but I realize I have to be careful. With my oldest being so into learning and being more "intellectual" if you will it is easy to treat them all like that. But they are not all like that. The third is more physical and a bit of a dare devil. I do not yet know his learning style, but it may be very hands on and may not be as interested in reading and writing. With Gabriel I definitely do not know yet, but I can already tell he is different too. In just 1 month I have learned this. How much more will the next 18 years hold?

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