Sunday, December 9, 2012


871. Having some time with the Lord
872. Starting Numbers
873. Taking a morning nap
874. Having a low key day
875. Beautiful weather
876. Kids getting to play outside
877. Having a TV
878. Healthy kids
879. Getting caught up on shows
880. Taco Bell
881. Gabriel giving me two 4-hour sleep times!
882. Kids sleeping later again
883. Doing school with the kids
884. Having a little one on one time with Reuben
885. Going to playgroup
886. Getting seasonally right sized clothes from Dawn
887. Jen bringing us food
888. Dawn bringing us food
889. Newborn Photos with Chelsey
890. Going to community group
891. Sleeping in a little
892. Gabriel giving me a 4 hour sleep stint
893. Washing my hair
894. Rosetta Stone and getting the equipment for it to work on our older computer
895. Getting books for SWI
896. Meeting with Dawn
897. Having friends who listen and encourage
898. Caroline bringing food
899. Reuben cheering on Jim while he played a game
900. Communication
901. Laughter around the dinner table
902. Gabriel growing
903. Finding out I could get several Amazon gift cards for free!
904. 2 ice cream sundaes free!
905. Blogging
906. Jamey and Lillian working on puzzles together
907. Jamey and Lillian sitting together without fighting
908. Jim's surgery went well
909. Gabriel did well while waiting
910. Finished "The Unusual Suspect"
911. Kids napping
912. Lillian giving Gabriel hugs, kisses and saying "I love you, Gabriel" of her own volition
913. Reuben looking at Gabriel for a few seconds
914. Jamey being very helpful
915. Snuggling with 3 of my kids at the same time
916. Getting to go to writing group for a little bit
917. Rachel getting here
918. Mama and Lillian date
919. Free cup of Mt. Dew
920. Cards from people at home for Gabriel
921. God's Faithfulness
922. Church
923. Balcony full of babies
924. Lillian cheering on her brothers
925. Coupons
926. Jeffrey and Laura bringing dinner
927. A quiet moment with Jim
928. Jim beginning to heal
929. New stuff on Netflix
930. Anticipating all 4 sisters being together

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