Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week of Blessing

801. Jamey sleeping until almost 7!
802. Having real quiet time this morning
803. Reading Proverbs 31 to Lillian and talking about it
804. Seeing things God told Israel in Leviticus and connecting it to what I recently learned in Amos
805. Having a God who hears, knows and understands me
806. Finding out Jamey can count farther than I realized
807. Lillian leading us in singing "Jesus Loves Me" during school
808. Jamey signing most of the letters as we sing "ABCs"
809. Reuben responding to questions when asked
810. Jamey spelling his name in sign language
811. Laughter around the lunch table
812. All 3 kids napping
813. Getting to read some
814. Knowing God is not done with me yet
815. Getting a couple of needed things done on my to-do list
816. Swag Codes
817. Learning more
818. Having children who like to learn
819. Watching Jamey trying to figure things out and seeing his imagination
820. Reuben saying, "Mama" climbing into my lap and giving me a big 1 minute hug
821. Listening to Lillian sing with her number video
822. Lillian asking me to sit with her
823. Reuben helping pick up the blocks
824. Reuben motivating Jamey to obey
825. Community Group
826. Having a doctor appointment this morning
827. My water breaking while in the doctor office
828. The doctor office being in the hospital
829. God putting my body into labor
830. Nurses listening and paying attention
831. The labor being mostly easy
832. People stepping up to help us quickly
833. Gabriel Jonathan being born!
834. Having a good transition
835. Gabriel eating quickly and well
836. A short labor
837. Jim telling me about showing Jamey a picture of Gabriel and Jamey saying, "That's my Gabriel."
838. Getting some sleep!
839. Mandy coming by
840. Ali and Asmaa coming by
841. Love and support from the people around us
842. Dad and Mom getting here safely for the weekend
843. Getting more sleep
844. Jim taking his last final for the semester
845. Taking Gabriel home
846. Being greeted at the door by Jamey
847. Jamey's excitement in meeting Gabriel
848. Jamey and Lillian giving Gabriel hugs and kisses
849. Getting to love on my babies
850. Sleeping in my bed
851. Kids sleeping until after 6am!
852. Going to the Women's Gift Exchange
853. Seeing friends
854. Yummy food
855. Taking a nap
856. Jim and Daddy digging up some of the stuff  in the yard
857. Mom making dinner
858. Nice weather
859. Kids getting to play outside
860. Ice cream
861. Kids sleeping until 6 again
862. Jamey sleeping until 7:30 am!
863. Taking Gabriel to church for the first time
864. Olive Garden
865. Lemon Cake
866. Getting to take a nap again!
867. Gabriel sleeping well
868. Gabriel eating well
869. Hanging out with all the kids
870. Knowing that God is continuing to give me strength

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