Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 10 to 16

931. Pie Kitchen
932. Running errands with Rachel
933. Jamey and Lillian playing together without arguing
934. Getting to eat a ham sandwich from Subway
935. Free cookies
936. Ann bringing dinner
937. Free body wash x2
938. Free hot chocolate
939. Playgroup
940. Meeting 3 new moms
941. Having my sisters to help
942. Journaling
943. Kids napping
944. Sarah bringing dinner
945. Going to sleep early
946. Doing school with the kids today
947. Kids wanting to continue educational play for several hours
948. Doing a Russian Lesson on Rosetta Stone
949. Getting toys reorganized in living room
950. Blake and Jenna bringing dinner
951. Jamey sitting with Reuben and giving hugs
952. Jamey and Lillian putting puzzles together
953. Watching Jamey make connections while learning
954. Lillian playing with Reuben while I worked with Jamey
955. Getting some educational time with Reuben
956. Amanda coming by
957. Rachel cleaning the bathrooms
958. Going through clothes and organizing more
959. Watching Jamey write and draw in his journal
960. Another free gift card through swagbucks
961. Kids napping for the 3rd day in a row
962. Gabriel sleeping 6 hours!!!!!
963. Starting Radical Womanhood
964. MOMstogether
965. Hearing testimonies from sisters
966. Yummy brunch
967. Watching Jim and Jamey do a puzzle together
968. Realizing the 4th sister will be here with her family in a week!
969. Getting more stuff organized
970. Getting a hanging coat rack
971. Jared and Rachel bringing dinner
972. Getting Gabriel's newborn photos
973. Getting announcements ordered
974. Getting blog post written
975. Kids sleeping until 6
976. Gabriel sleeping 6 hours
977. Getting more wipes cut
978. Having sisters to help hem wipes
979. Getting shelves moved
980. Getting more organizing and cleaning done
981. Reuben giving kisses
982. Free frapaccino
983. Jamey knowing how to spell his name
984. Seeing the deaf worshiping at church
985. Seeing brothers and sisters before they leave town for the holidays
986. All 4 kids napping at the same time
987. Making preparations for the rest of the family coming to visit
988. Writing reflections in my journal
989. All of the kids sitting together watching a movie as a family
990. Restful Sunday

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