Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 17 to 23

991. All kids napping at the same time
992. Erin bringing Egyptian food for dinner
993. Jamey and Lillian working on a puzzle together
994. Reuben hugs and kisses
995. Gabriel doing tummy time well and getting stronger
996. Ladies from MOMsTogether bringing lunch and dinner
997. Getting some organizing done
998. Going out on a date
999. Free Red Box movie
1000. Fun evening at home
1001. Getting to sleep in a bit
1002. More organizing
1003. Getting diapers stripped and sorted for 2 wearers
1004. Angela bringing dinner
1005. My kids talking to me
1006. Singing all together
1007. Doing school
1008. Reuben joining in school and clapping to songs
1009. Getting most of the office organized
1010. Emers getting here!!!!!
1011. Watching my kids and their cousins play together
1012. Talking with my sisters
1013. Donuts!
1014. Getting to sleep in some this morning
1015. Sanity
1016. Low key day of fun
1017. Sweet moments
1018. Kylee snuggling with Jim
1019. Gabriel snuggling with Britney
1020. Brendon and Jamey playing together
1021. Dad and Mom getting here safely
1022. Pizza!
1023. Having the whole family in one room for the first time in 2 years!!!!!
1024. Gabriel lengthening his sleep time at night
1025. Having whole family pictures made
1026. Getting pictures made of Reuben
1027. Subway!
1028. Getting pictures and sorting them
1029. Christmas dinner
1030. Celebrating family Christmas together
1031. Pajama pictures (family tradition)
1032. Kyle playing with Reuben
1033. Jim getting to watch a Falcons game
1034. Jim and Kyle having male bonding time
1035. Getting Gabriel's stocking!
1036. Time to talk with Britney
1037. The whole family going to Sojourn together
1038. Great message from God's Word
1039. Lots of Free e-books
1040. Quiet Sunday afternoon

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