Thursday, April 10, 2014

Affected By Sinfulness

"I have had very affecting views of my own sinfulness and vileness; very frequently to such a degree as to hold me in a kind of loud that I have often been forced to shut myself up."
~Jonathan Edwards (as quoted in Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God)

I recently read this quote and thought, how fitting for what I am seeking to learn, understand and grasp during this season of lent. This sentiment is what I want. I want to be so affected by my view of sin and vileness and how deeply it is a part of my that I weep loudly over my sin. I want to hate it and turn away from it in great sorrow. I want to be so moved that I need time alone with God to even begin to heal the brokenness of my heart. I want to see my need for the cross so desperately, that I am unsatisfied until I have mourned my sin as I ought. 

Do you weep over how sinful and vile you are?

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