Friday, April 11, 2014

How Deep My Sin

I have nothing today but the feeling of how deep my sin is. I am broken. I am weak. I have nothing to offer anyone, especially not God. Tears fill my eyes as I blow up one more time over nothing. Trying to take control I am angry at God and anyone around me that is not doing what I think they should. How can I know best the ways of the universe? How can I know what is really best for the baby and me? I know God is in control and His ways are best. I know that in my mind, but my flesh is fighting so hard against it. God is my only hope. God is my only rest. Without Him I would be completely lost and alone. This sin would overtake me and I would be drowning fast. By God's grace He is showing me that I can fight. He has given me Himself, through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, so that I can rise above my sin. The more I live, the deeper I realize my sin is. God's grace is far more than I deserve, yet He loves me anyway and is teaching me how to rise above it Christ. Thank You, Jesus, for taking my sin so that I can live and fight sin so that I can bring You glory.

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