Saturday, January 24, 2015

December Blessings

December I was offline for much of the month, and have continued to be, so I'm behind in getting blessings down. I know there were many but I cannot remember well, so here is my best.

  1. Getting back into school with the kids
  2. All of the kids excited about doing school
  3. Lillian starting to read and write
  4. Gabriel growing in communication
  5. Jim getting all of his class work done
  6. Sam crawling full speed
  7. Sam pulling up and trying to walk (this is super early for our kids)
  8. Not having too much trouble with nausea
  9. Jim letting me sleep in when he can
  10. Going to Pigeon Forge with Jim for 4 days
  11. Getting to see the last Hobbit movie, though it was a huge disappointment
  12. Going to the Dixie Stampede Christmas show
  13. Getting to meet with Julianne without kids
  14. My parents and Rachel coming to watch the kids so Jim and I could go away
  15. Finishing the study of Ephesians at Sojourn
  16. Christmas Eve service
  17. Getting to go to Book Club
  18. Reuben learning to play alone
  19. Looking through Europe pictures
  20. Getting my creative writing bucket 
  21. Being refreshed in my desire to write again
  22. Finishing my first round of edits of my novel
  23. God's faithfulness to his people, no matter where they are
  24. Reuben taking in all around him
  25. Jamey's memory
  26. Ruby Tuesday's Cheesecake
  27. Cherry Sweet Tea
  28. Realizing that I have never really doubted God's love
  29. The amazingness of God's grace
  30. Having a low key Christmas
  31. God becoming flesh for us!

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