Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Blessings

January has been back and forth, but God has been faithful and led our family throughout the month. I was blessed to receive a Gratitude Journal from my parents for Christmas to help me keep track of my blessings throughout the year. I'm hoping this will help me remember how good God is to me!

  1. Going to Pigeon Forge with Jim by ourselves
  2. Giving the kids New Year gifts 
  3. Lazy day at home with the kids
  4. Having a story to tell
  5. Getting to sleep in while Jim started school with the kids
  6. Starting normal CG back after the holidays
  7. Hearing the baby's heartbeat
  8. Quiet family day at home
  9. Wii Party- super fun family game
  10. Jamey being a really good helper 
  11. Jim being able to switch some days around
  12. Flexibility of homeschooling
  13. Hanging out with Andy and Shannon
  14. Having regular date nights
  15. Getting to have coffee with Jessica and get to know her better
  16. Going to Chick-fil-A with Laura
  17. Starting Redemption Groups
  18. Sam having a good 9 month well visit
  19. Kids doing well being at church 4 hours
  20. Book club
  21. Getting my list together for the classic challenge
  22. Many new people at CG
  23. Great prayer time
  24. Finally getting some good time to write in my journal
  25. Jim getting the weekend off
  26. Having good conversation
  27. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake at Ruby Tuesday
  28. Short, productive writing group
  29. God showing me how He has always been with me and has never left me
  30. Jim learning care/share
  31. Really good food at Eiderdown
  32. Talking about spiritual gifts
  33. Jim buying me white roses and black cherry pie just because 
  34. Getting a voice mail from Dawn
  35. Finally getting back to water aerobics
  36. Reading my Bible and communing with God
  37. Sojourn hosting a financial seminar with childcare
  38. Having something to do on a Saturday with the kids

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