Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 11 to 17

431. Getting an early start and feeling awake
432. Praying before reading my Bible (really helps)
433. Getting school done with Reuben in the room
434. Reuben saying "Thank you" and "love you"
435. Jamey making connections in Russian
436. Going to the grocery store by myself and getting through in a timely fashion without freaking out (this is a major blessing!)
437. Jim and the kids getting the dusting done while I was at the store
438. Staying mostly on schedule
439. Reading extra to my kids
440. Playing with my kids
441. Getting almost everything done today that I wanted to do (hoping to get the last thing done after writing my blessings)
442. Having a God I can cry out to when I feel like I am falling apart
443. Being able to memorize God's Word
444. Imparting Truth to my kids
445. Free ebooks
446. Jeopardy!
447. Having a life hid in Christ
448. Writing!
449. Going to bed at a decent hour
450. Waking refreshed
451. Getting ahead on my reading goals
452. Great play time
453. Getting to meet with Dawn
454. Unexpected trip to pie kitchen!
455. Getting a little more done
456. Getting to go to water aerobics
457. Melanie being at community group
458. Having 4 new people at community group
459. Connecting with new Brothers and Sister
460. Waking refreshed at 5 am
461. Gabriel sleeping until 5 am
462. Going to Sojourn's Ash Wednesday Service
463. Being reminded of what I would be without Christ
464. God giving me another full year on Earth
465. Learning more about fasting
466. Watching Jamey make Reuben laugh
467. Free Blizzard
468. Gabriel smiling
469. Gabriel lifting his head
470. Reuben's kisses
471. Beautiful Snow
472. God still teaching me and working on my heart
473. Kristi being able to have Lillian come play
474. Jamey doing everything his swim teacher asked him to do!
475. Early bed time with little complaint for all kids
476. Angie Tolpin reaching out to me from (more confirmation from God)
477. Taking the morning easy
478. Teaching Jamey more writing skills
479. Getting Rosetta Stone to work
480. Getting what I needed to done today
481. Having time to talk to Jim
482. Going to Water Aerobics
483. Sweet ladies who encourage me at SWI
484. Talking to Amy
485. Seeing Christine and Amanda
486. Listening to Jamey and Reuben laugh together
487. Sleeping until 7
488. Gabriel sleeping 9 hours!
489. Jamey opening the car door for me
490. Running errands and spending less than $15 for everything we needed
491. Jamey being excited about "shopping and hopping"
492. Becca getting off of jury duty
493. Catching up with Tanya
494. Talking with Renee
495. Jamey doing very well at swim lessons
496. Going out on a date with Jim
497. Getting to try Zoe's Kitchen (which was very good)
498. Free Sundae at Graeter's!!!!!
499. Having good conversation with Jim
500. Being able to go out just the 2 of us! :)
501. My parents getting here safely
502. Smooth bed time
503. Movie night with the family
504. Netflix
505. Sleeping in
506. Snuggling with Lillian
507. Brunch at Highland Morning
508. ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!
509. New clothes and bracelet
510. Relaxing Saturday afternoon
511. Fellowship with Sojourners
512. Meeting new people
513. Watching Reuben play with a dog half his size and twice size
514. Playing peek-a-boo with Reuben
515. My ear finally draining
516. Free Donuts for breakfast!
517. Getting to church early
518. Learning about suffering
519. Trying a new Mexican restaurant
520. The missions cookout still taking place
521. Meeting new people who love missions
522. Getting to share about Women's prayer
523. Being encouraged about women's prayer
524. Gabriel sleeping during the cookout
525. Prayer for the Wilburn's

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