Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb 4 to 10

361. Jamey reading his first book
362. Being able to teach my kids
363. Getting caught up on Russian lessons
364. Jamey helping Lillian learn
365. Lillian wanting to learn
366. Reuben showing some interest in reading books
367. Having all 4 kids in the school room and it going smoothly
368. Getting cleaning done with 4 kids around
369. Working on SWI assignments
370. Having a very productive day
371. Having a shopping day with Lillian
372. Groupon to get some clothes
373. Lillian wanting to hang out with me
374. Going to bed early
375. Kids sleeping until 7am!!!!!
376. Getting school done even sleeping until 7
377. Jamey wanting to learn
378. Meeting new people at water aerobics
379. Getting cookies made
380. Having Becca to help me
381. Community Group!
382. New couple at community group
383. Great discussion and openness
384. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing
385. Learning about adoring the Lord
386. Being encouraged by other sisters desiring to grow in prayer
387. Kristi letting Lillian come play
388. Swim lessons for Jamey
389. Getting to see Renee and Renee
390. Reuben sitting and eating Cheerios during swim lessons quietly
391. Going to bed a little early
392. Kids sleeping until 7
393. Lillian sleeping in her bed the whole night
394. Reuben holding hands to bless lunch
395. Jamey teaching Lillian and Reuben
396. Lillian cheering on Jamey for doing well at swim lessons
397. Teaching opportunities
398. Kids who want to watch educational videos instead of normal movies
399. Having kids who like to read and write
400. Getting exercise
401. Meeting Angela who is from the same area I am
402. Making connections about people we know
403. Learning about more missions opportunities
404. Finding out a friend has also been to Moldova
405. Learning very interesting facts about the history of the SBC
406. Angela realizing she remembers my mom and me from Smyrna First
407. Gabriel sleeping through all of my SWI class
408. Running into Alina
409. MOMStogether
410. Seeing Allison
411. Hearing about work going on in Africa
412. An unexpected family evening
413. Jamey doing very well at swim lessons
414. Jamey enjoying the water
415. Meeting more people interested in working overseas
416. Having a king sized bed
417. Kids sleeping until 7 again
418. Reuben saying "I love you"
419. Playing together as a family
420. Quiet day at home
421. Watching some shows
422. Getting caught up on cleaning
423. Getting some papers written
424. Being able to wake up early this morning
425. Getting to church early
426. Connecting with several people at church
427. Seeing Amir doing well!
428. Blizzards (DQ kind)
429. Hearing from a couple of people I had not seen or talked to lately
430. Reuben saying Amen after bed time prayers

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