Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 18 to 24

526. Sleeping until 7
527. Gabriel sleeping 6 hours
528. Having an extended time with the Lord this morning
529. Worshiping the Lord in silence and solitude
530. Being in a class on prayer
531. Getting practical plans worked out for things I believe the Lord is guiding me in
532. Sweet time of family prayer for Pastor Nathan
533. Getting to teach our kids about fasting and prayer/interceding for others
534. Taking the 3 older kids outside
535. Watching Reuben explore outside for the first time since walking
536. Jamey, Lillian and Reuben playing with the cozy coups
537. Starting a compost pile (waiting for our bin)
538. Connecting as a family
539. Keeping the TV off until after 5pm!
540. Going to bed early
541. Getting school and Russian lesson done in less than an hour
542. All 4 kids going to play group
543. Many people at play group
544. Lots of good conversation
545. Reuben playing and running around!
546. Great friendship
547. Meeting with Dawn
548. Getting all of my J-term assignments and reading finished
549. Getting assignments completed for prayer class
550. Meeting a girl who wants to learn about birthing education to take to the developing world (more confirmation for me)
551. Connecting with more sisters
552. Water aerobics
553. Hot tubs and saunas
554. Community group growing
555. New people
556. Being a part of something bigger than myself: Kingdom work for God
557. Coffee creamer
558. Open and honest conversation about suffering
559. Learning how to better help and encourage each other in the Truth
560. Getting sleep
561. Praying with other Sisters
562. Singing praise to the Lord
563. Having conversations with more confirmation about education
564. Being encouraged and encouraging others
565. Hearing more stories to learn from
566. Being able to make a quick run to the store with Gabriel
567. Jim having lunch ready when I got home from class
568. Enjoying conversation as a family
569. Jamey eating lunch well without complaint
570. Eating ice cream cake together
571. Getting all 4 kids to the pool for Jamey's swim lesson on time
572. Lillian and Reuben sitting quietly while we watched the kids swimming
573. Lillian showing an interest in swimming
574. Great conversations with even more confirmation
575. Having sisters who understand the way I think
576. Learning more things
577. Getting 3 kids fed, Bible reading, in bed and asleep before 7
578. Gabriel smiling when Lillian gave him kisses
579. Early bed time
580. Getting cake ordered quickly
581. Getting school done in a timely manner
582. Having children who desire to read and do school all day
583. Jim getting some Greek done
584. Having a flexible husband who doesn't freak out when planning goes awry
585. Having a husband who knows how to figure things out well
586. Listening to Jamey and Lillian say the 23rd Psalm
587. Reuben getting more active and saying more that can be understood
588. Getting some laundry done
589. Discovering that I really do need to plan my weeks out
590. God teaching me things in many different ways
591. Jamey turning 4!
592. Having a great day as a family
593. Watching Jamey and Reuben chase each other and wrestle (boys are so much fun)
594. Reuben using a "big" fork
595. Lillian doing puzzles and mixing up the pieces
596. Gabriel's big smiles
597. Growing in communication
598. Fun movies on Netflix
599. Having children who want to watch educational videos over other movies (When we told Jamey he could chose a movie to watch on his birthday he chose "Alphabet Al")
600. Jamey doing really well at swim lessons
601. Getting to blog
602. "Seeing" Rachel on Skype
603. Celebrating Jamey's life with friends
604. 3 Papa John's Pizzas for $12! (Love great deals)
605. Nice afternoon
606. Praying with many people for friends going overseas
607. Relaxing evening at home
608. Watching X-Men First Class
609. Getting a jump start on planning for the week
610. Learning how to suffer with others
611. Having a place to feed Gabriel and still hear the sermon
612. Being reminded about suffering
613. Ice Cream Cake!!!!!
614. Getting to meet with Dawn
615. Having someone to share life with that you can learn from and vice versa
616. Beautiful weather
617. Finding a good deal on note cards
618. Jim getting started on digging up part of the back yard for a garden
619. Playing outside with the kids
620. Watching Reuben explore
621. Playing catch with Lillian
622. Jamey helping Jim dig up paving stones
623. Easy bed time
624. Getting mostly planned for the week
625. Going to bed early

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