Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jan 28 to Feb 3

271. Getting to sleep in a little
272. The kids sleeping "late"
273. Jim doing school (forgot to mention he did it all last week too!)
274. Mama and Lillian trip to the grocery store
275. Getting to teach Lillian in a practical environment
276. Free suckers
277. Free cookies
278. Talking to Lillian about learning to care for a home
279. Getting to do all of my Bible reading
280. Jamey and Lillian listening to the Bible
281. Both asking to read "excellent wife"
282. Reuben's hugs
283. Watching Reuben get more confident in walking
284. Gabriel turning 2 months old!
285. Gabriel's alertness and looking around
286. Gabriel enjoying the swing
287. Jamey learning to sound out words for spelling
288. Almost getting caught up on the things I needed to do today
289. Free ebooks
290. Hearing from lots of workers for Friday
291. Getting more planning done
292. Getting to journal
293. Working on scheduling
294. God giving me the ability to plan and schedule
295. Watching a grocery bill plummet :)
296. Waking mostly refreshed at 6 am
297. Getting lots of Bible reading done
298. Time to pray
299. Gabriel growing and right on par on the growth charts
300. Playgroup!
301. Catching up with Kristy
302. Working out the afternoon so Dawn and I could meet
303. Being able to share with Dawn and have her share with me
304. Enjoying special time with friends
305. Going to water aerobics
306. Community Group
307. Enjoying Community
308. Learning more about contentment
309. Discussing money in an open and safe environment
310. Being able to ask difficult or unpopular questions
311. Learning to pray through Scripture
312. Hearing from workers around the world
313. God keeping us and much of the area safe from a severe storm
314. Getting Bible reading and reflection done early this morning
315. Getting more sleep
316. Spending some quality time with Reuben
317. Reuben's hugs and kisses
318. Jim doing school with the kids
319. SWI starting back
320. The privilege of sitting under older women to learn about prayer
321. Being reminded that prayer begins with God and that God is sovereign over all things (I needed that reminder for the rest of that day)
322. Getting a nap
323. Lillian and Reuben sleeping
324. Being shown how week and fleshly I am
325. Having a personal God that I can go to even when I am losing it
326. Not having to go to God in a perfect state
327. Being covered by Christ's blood so I am seen as perfect even in the midst of sinful responses
328. Gabriel sleeping in the swing
329. Gabriel sleeping 7 hours last night
330. The 3 older kids going to bed without a fuss at 6:30 pm
331. A few moments to journal
332. Working on my blog
333. Getting to "see" Jill on Skype
334. "Meeting" Abby
335. The invention of Skype
336. Going to water aerobics twice this week
337. Getting to go in the hot tub!!!!!
338. Meeting new people
339. Having an interesting teacher for History of SBC
340. Stimulating conversation with sisters
341. Seeing people I haven't seen in awhile
342. Making it home safely in thick snowfall (thick for someone who is not use to driving in snow)
343. Jim getting to come home early
344. Women's prayer
345. Beautiful Snow
346. Watching Jamey, Lillian and Phinehas play together
347. The gift of prayer
348. Funny kids
349. Having 7 people at writing group
350. Being encouraged by fellow writers
351. Encouraging other writers
352. Having sisters who are interested in writing
353. Having a pair of boots to wear in the snow
354. Beautiful snow and still being able to get out in it
355. Getting a decent amount of SWI reading done
356. Remembering the death is coming and that apart from God everything is meaningless
357. Getting some planning done for the week
358. Kids resting
359. Enjoying a movie
360. Nice weekend

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