Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Blessings

February was a short but full month. A lot has happened and God has shown Himself in so many ways as He seeks to woo us to Him and guide our lives in His way.

  1. Being able to speak into other women's lives
  2. Getting to take a Sunday afternoon nap with Jim
  3. Working as a family to do massive cleaning in the living room
  4. Having enough box tops for co-op in the fall!
  5. Four course meal at Red Lobster (love that deal!)
  6. Thinking about who and how God made me
  7. Walking around the mall as a family
  8. Seeing God's grace in how Jim handled the mall
  9. Becca painting my toenails in a fun way!
  10. Getting out of the house on a Saturday
  11. Sam saying "amen" after praying with him at bed time
  12. Seeing our baby on Ultrasound
  13. Finding out the gender for the first time!
  14. Girls night at Comfy Cow with Shannon
  15. Organizing everything in the time warp room
  16. Going to playgroup
  17. Hearing testimonies of people in CG
  18. Time to read and pray while the kids were running around
  19. God revealing more of my heart to me
  20. Lillian reading to Reuben
  21. Good conversation with Jim, working through things
  22. Turning 31
  23. IHOP Breakfast with the family
  24. Seeing "Kingsman" with Jim (really liked this movie)
  25. Jim making a really yummy birthday dinner: maple walnut chicken, apple cheddar rice and green beans (My husband is a wonderful cook! So thankful for that.)
  26. Talking to Brit for awhile
  27. Jim surprising me with friends at Comfy Cow! 
  28. Really good birthday
  29. Daddy and Mom singing to me
  30. Having a lazy low key day with the kids
  31. Time to talk with Becca
  32. Lots of snow! (Think we got 8-10 inches during the week)
  33. Getting buckets put in the attic
  34. Ash Wednesday Service
  35. Date night with Jim at the Cheesecake Factory
  36. Seeing God at work in our hearts
  37. Becca having a Saturday off
  38. Watching movies not on Netflix
  39. Jamey turning 6!
  40. Getting needed errands run
  41. Jamey and Gabriel playing together
  42. Andy and Shannon
  43. Book Club
  44. Moving things around to get more organized
  45. Hanging out with Julianne
  46. Yummy dinner and night out with Jim
  47. Quiet hang out night with Jim
  48. Writing group
  49. Free drink at Panera
  50. Sleep  

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