Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Day in Our Life

When the school year begins, several people post about what their typical day looks like. Yesterday we finished our 2014-2015 school year! So to commemorate, especially since this is our last year schooling only 2 for many years to come, I wanted to share what a day in our life looks like.

We have been through a lot in the past school year, so there has been a great deal of fluctuation in our daily schedule. That means this will be a general overview of the past year, since starting school with the kids last July.

Between 6 and 7 everyone is up, attempt to have some time reading the Bible and praying for the adults. Occasionally the older 2 would also read their Bible story books

By 7:30 we are eating breakfast and preparing for the day

By 9 we are starting on Jamey's core, which included family Bible reading, history and read a-louds

Once finished with Jamey's core, Jamey would work on his language arts while I did Lillian's core with her. During all of this time the little boys are running around, playing or listening on rare occasion.

At 10 a snack is given for the sanity of everyone.

Our goal is to be done with all school work before lunch time at 11, and sometimes we would succeed. This got easier as the year went on and Jamey could do more on his own.

At 11 we make lunch, which Jamey can now do, and eat.

After eating, if it is needed we would finish our school work (usually our science lessons). If done with school we would clean something and then have free play until rest time at 1. Jamey would use this time to practice piano for his class as well

By 1 all three of the little boys would be in beds napping, the older two would color/draw or read. Sometime we would watch a movie so they would lie down. During this time I would work on reading, email, journals, writing, etc and after becoming pregnant would often take a nap as well.

Between 3:30 and 4 everyone would be up and we would start on dinner. (Yes I am aware we eat dinner early, but that is when our family is hungry.) The kids take turns helping with dinner to learn the kitchen as well as other math and science skills.

About 4:30 we would eat dinner.

After dinner we would have family play, watch a movie, read a book, or get ready for anything happening that evening.

The first part of the year the kids went to bed at 7 pm. When Jim changed to day shift we moved bed time back to 8 pm to accommodate his work schedule and being able to see the kids. Therefore 30 minutes before bedtime the kids help pick up the living room and get ready for bed.

After the kids are in bed, Jim and I would have some time to talk or relax for a little bit, then get ready for bed ourselves, usually by 10.

Next year we will have so much more to do so I am sure in some ways our schedule will be much more rigid. I am thankful I have had such a flexible schedule with the kids this year. It is so helpful. I'm also thankful that we are done so early to prepare for our new little one coming in a 4-8 weeks.

Here's to next school year, and a nice long summer break ahead.

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