Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lillian is 5!

Today our precious only girl is 5 years old. It's hard to believe that this little 6 pound baby is now a little girl. Lillian has grown and flourished so much in the past year. She is still really discovering what she likes, since she tends to follow her big brother around and do what he is doing, but she will definitely tell you she likes to sing and dance. She is also beginning to enjoy coloring, reading and building.

In her preschool program at home, Lillian has learned so much this year. She is beginning to read, her fine motor skill have greatly improved and she is starting to make basic connections. She loves to memorize Scripture and her favorite is excellent wife. It is nice being able to explain some of the concepts in the passage to her as I grow in homemaking. Lillian is growing in her love of cooking. She likes to be right next to whoever is in the kitchen making things. I pray she learns to cook so she will be ahead of me if and when she gets married.

Lillian has the most fun personality and her daddy's quirky sense of humor. She loves to laugh and often laughs at the strangest things. With all of her brothers she is rough and tumble, but still all girl. Her favorite things to wear are her skirts and she loves to have her hair brushes and toenails painted. But if the boys are having a "dog pile" she is right there in the middle of it. Lillian is very sensitive and emotional, which can make it interesting at times.

With so many little brothers, Lillian is a little mama in the making. She often wants to do my job and tell them what to do, even her older brother. I pray that I can train her well, though I fail quite miserably at my job on a daily basis. By God's grace she will be a better mama than me. Lillian likes practicing with her baby dolls by holding them, dressing them and tucking them into bed. Occasionally she will do this with her stuffed animals as well. I pray this will continue as she gets older.

Lillian loves to be with her family, especially her mama. I really don't know why as I struggle so much to give her the female attention she needs. With all the boys, she needs extra attention from me, and it is so challenging to do this. I need so much grace with her as she can easily demand attention to the point where I want to scream, but I know she is my daughter that God has given me to love and raise, and by His grace I will be the mother she needs. I'm so thankful she wants to be around me, and I pray she will always want to be close to me in heart.

Though often very sweet, Lillian is still a sinner in need of God's grace of salvation, Father I pray that You will save Lillian by Your great grace. Open her heart to Your great truth, to true knowledge of who You are. Let her see she is a sinner, that only needs You. Show her You are there for her at all times even when I cannot be right where she wants me when she wants me. You are the greatest gift she can have. Reveal Yourself to her, Father God, by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for the precious gift of Lillian to our family. Keep her until she believes.

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