Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being A Mom

I'm a mom. I know that is an overly obvious statement, but I've really been thinking about it as I prepare for my sixth child. So many people say that I am crazy. There is some truth to that. But I'm not crazy because I have six children, I am crazy because I am human, and God is using these little ones to teach me more about Himself and actually become more sane. Don't get me wrong, I feel crazier more often than I feel sane, but I feel more sane today than I did yesterday because today I trust God more than I did yesterday. There is a roller coaster about this, so maybe tomorrow I will feel a little crazier that I did last week, but then God shows up and reminds me of who He is and brings that sanity back. I don't know why God thinks I should be responsible for raising 6 children for His Kingdom, but I do know that by Him entrusting them to me, He is making me more like His Son, Jesus, and that is the best gift of all. Each child reveals to me that I am even more of a sinner than I thought I was. They make me go deeper. They show me more of where my heart is. God works in such mysterious ways.

In all of this God is helping me to learn to let go of control, be more patient, to not expect perfection EVER from myself or anyone else aside from Him. I'm learning to do things that I have wanted to do as I'm forced to teach my kids. I'm learning what it means to me a mom after His heart and how loving my husband is one of the best things I can do for my children. I'm learning to take everything to God, and not just "handle it". I'm learning that there is no such thing as predictability, not really. As soon as I think I have something figured out, a curve ball comes and you have to figure it out again. I'm learning I cannot do this on my own and God does not mean for me to. This is why He always walks with me and puts people in my path to help me and for me to help.

Being a mom is so much more than having babies. It is a life given by God to grow us in Christ-likeness and to teach others to do the same. I'm so thankful that God has made me a mom 6 times over. There is little in life more precious than that.

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