Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Blessings

God has truly blessed and sustained us this month. I have been constantly overwhelmed by His goodness and grace to us this month. Our family has grown so much. I have grown. Jim has grown. It's amazing to see how much God lavishes His blessings on His people, who do not deserve anything but wrath, judgement and bad things to come from every direction. Here are just some of the ways God has blessed us this month.

  1. Getting to greet the Wilburn family at the airport after they have been living in another country for 2 years
  2. Going to a Parenting seminar with Tedd and Margy Tripp
  3. Time to talk with Jim
  4. Getting to talk with Britney
  5. Meeting people from Montreal 
  6. Celebrating Lillian's 5th birthday
  7. Taking Lillian out for her birthday with just Daddy and Mama
  8. Learning about Anger at Sojourn
  9. Having a good date afternoon
  10. Beautiful weather to sit in Cherokee Park
  11. Half priced fraps at Starbucks
  12. A good 5 year appointment for Lillian
  13. Jim's dentist appointment taking less time than expected
  14. Getting preliminary packing done for our trip to GA
  15. Jamey reading our Bible passage during Family Bible time
  16. Playgroup at Cherokee Park
  17. Free Blogging class
  18. Jim getting to come over from work for my doctor's appointment
  19. Getting all of the rest of my appointments scheduled through 40 weeks
  20. Sam and Ariana watching the kids for us
  21. Pouring out my heart to God who is always there for me and never leaves me no matter what
  22. Decent drive to GA (Gabriel and Sam did not much care for the beginning of the trip)
  23. Getting to spend some time with Kyle, Britney, Brendon and Kylee
  24. Getting to go to Rachel's college graduation
  25. Ms. Mary watching the kids for us all day
  26. Enjoying a Cracker Barrel meal
  27. Going to see FBC Smyrna
  28. Meeting the new Pastor and family 
  29. Seeing many friends
  30. Whole family together for Mother's Day lunch at Ruby
  31. God making me a mother x6
  32. Good drive home
  33. Lazy day at home readjusting after a whirlwind weekend
  34. Time to talk with Becca
  35. Time to talk with Jim
  36. Working through things with God
  37. Making it through the day
  38. 2nd blogging class
  39. Getting a decent nights sleep
  40. Sleeping harder and deeper than I had in a week
  41. Time to meet with Julianne
  42. Meeting baby Gage and spending time with Andy and Shannon
  43. Jamey praying for God to save everyone
  44. Jamey teaching Reuben and Gabriel how to clean their bathroom
  45. Reuben getting dressed by himself
  46. Getting a lot of work done around the house
  47. Making cookies as a family
  48. Talking with Jim
  49. Feeling a little more normal
  50. Sleeping until 8:30!
  51. 7 other women coming to Childbirth Conversations
  52. Having a really great conversation!
  53. A really relaxing afternoon
  54. Taking a nap along with the kids
  55. Finishing Oliver Twist
  56. Sharing some of my feelings with Jim and Jim receiving them well
  57. Finishing school for the year!
  58. Going to Book Club
  59. Meeting Bethany
  60. Getting the file cabinet organized
  61. Looking at school stuff for next year
  62. Reuben using the big toilet
  63. Community group
  64. Meeting with Julianne and talking about a double date
  65. Time at the park with really nice weather
  66. Seeing Claire
  67. Sharing more of my heart with Jim
  68. Jim working extra but not getting called in right away
  69. Jamey praying for God to save Sam
  70. God's mercy and grace
  71. Jamey reading the Bible on his own
  72. All of the kids playing together for awhile with out fighting
  73. Good doctor's appointment 
  74. Great date night
  75. Sam returning something when asked
  76. Talking through Psalm 111 with Jamey
  77. Sam starting to walk down the hallway
  78. 3 older kids lying in bed with me for a bit
  79. Sleeping until 8:15
  80. Laughing and playing with the kids
  81. Doing Scripture memory with the kids
  82. Making it through the day
  83. Seeing the Spirit move in Jim
  84. Going to writing group
  85. Claire coming to writing group
  86. Uncontrollable laughter
  87. Seeing the McVicker family before they head out of Louisville
  88. Finding a kindred spirit
  89. Dave Harvey preaching at Sojourn
  90. Learning to overcome Spiritual emptiness
  91. Jim sharing thoughts on the sermon after church
  92. Kids napping
  93. Having some time to rest
  94. Talking through things with all 3 adults
  95. All Kids sleeping past 6:30
  96. Getting to rest for a lot of the day
  97. Hanging out
  98. Lots of people at playgroup
  99. CG helping with yard work and getting a lot done
  100. Jamey's recital and completion of music class
  101. Good day at home
  102. Singing with the kids
  103. Working on memorizing Bible verses
  104. Becca getting home early
  105. Getting my ear infection checked out quickly
  106. Celebrating Jim's birthday
  107. Seeing the New Avenger's movie
  108. Nice date night
  109. Getting a lot of cleaning done around the house
  110. Kimberly coming to help us organize some of our spaces
  111. Ryan finishing the major yard work
  112. Getting to see Andy and Gage for a bit
  113. Starting a new series at Sojourn on questioning Jesus
  114. Everyone (but Jim) getting to nap, even me!
  115. Relaxing afternoon

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