Monday, February 22, 2016

Jamey: Our 7 Year Old

Seven years ago our family and lives were forever changed by our first born, Jamey. How much he has grown in such a short amount of time. You blink and they go from baby to a boy, a young man.

Jamey is so full of life. He has such a goofy personality. He has energy coming from everywhere. Really he just loves life. When you ask him what his favorite part of the day is, his reply is, "Everything but the bad stuff." I love his enthusiasm for life, and pray for God to give me a smidgen of it when it's been a long day and I'm just tired.

Jamey loves to learn. School is often his favorite part of the day. Currently his favorite subjects are math and science, though many days he says all of them. It is sometimes hard to challenge him enough because he is so quick to pick up on things. He is very good at learning on his own, which is great when you have so many kids! He also enjoys teaching his siblings. Jamey also loves to be schooled at home because he loves to be with his family. This melts my heart!

In his free time, Jamey loves to color, cut, draw, paint, really anything visually artistic. He is growing in learning to like to play outside. He also enjoys watching movies and TV. He loves all the colors because they are all good! (Love that personality.)

Jamey is so friendly and dynamic. He can be a little overwhelming at times because of his friendliness, but it's so fun to watch Jamey be Jamey. He enjoys meeting new people and will talk to anyone, especially when we go to the playground.

Jamey is growing so much in his love of learning the Bible. He reads most mornings all on his own and can tell you what he read. Memorizing verses is not his favorite, but he is growing in doing it. He really wants to know God and know more about Him and what it means to be a Christian. It is amazing and such a blessing to see God's grace at work in his life already. He is growing in prayer as well, which is such a blessing. God is so good.

Thankfully, Jamey has become a great eater and will eat just about anything. His current favorite is latkes. In fact for his birthday dinner he asked for sweet potato latkes! He also loves eggplant. What kid loves eggplant? This kid!

He is always surprising us. Jamey is so good with the baby and loves to wrestle with his brothers. He is so excited about having another sibling. He has been asking for another sister for years and we pray God will give him his hearts desire this time. It's exciting to see God's grace working in Jamey as he grows into his role as the oldest and the responsibility that it entails. We have great conversations with him about all these things. It's amazing what he understands.

We pray God continues to shower His grace and Jamey and that He will use Jamey's life in amazing ways. It's so wonderful to see what God has already done and we know His work is not yet finished in Jamey. As great as Jamey is, he is still 7 and he is still a sinner, just like the rest of us.

Father, thank You for Jamey and 7 years with him. Please continue to pour out Your grace that He might know You, love You and serve You with all that he is.

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