Friday, February 19, 2016

The Last Battle

Our family finally finished The Chronicles of Narnia, with The Last Battle. This book was in the middle for me, not terrible but not great. A lot of the imagery Lewis describes is beautiful and the adventure is certainly there. I got frustrated with some of it, but I do believe it's because you are supposed to. Lewis does a great job of showing in allegorical form the battle for truth that is always present as people seek to make God who they want, so I appreciated that (though where some of the frustration came in).

Like most of the books in this series I felt the ending was odd and kind of a let down. I don't want to give anything away as I know people who are still reading these books, but it was seriously like, "That's what happened?"

Along with this, one of the chapters had horrible theology in it, that I cannot even accept in allegorical form. I had been warned about this from others who have read it and still hearing it was beyond my comprehension.

I'm not sure how I would rate this. Maybe 3.5 stars or 4. Probably closer to 3.5.

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