Friday, April 15, 2016

Sam: Our Big 2 Year Old!

It's hard to believe how much happens in 2 years. This precious little boy entered our lives and changed it forever. God has already used Sam so much to grow us and our family into more of His likeness and teaching us to let His Kingdom come and rule in our hearts and lives.

Sam is so full of life! He wakes up with a smile and goes to sleep with a smile (generally speaking). He loves to laugh and play and sing. He would rather be outside than anywhere else, exploring and seeing what there is to see. It has been so fun to watch him explore in our new backyard the past couple of weeks and see what there is to see and do (though there is little yet). There is not a dull moment when Sam is around.

In those rare times when Sam is not exploring and playing, he is a snuggle bug. He loves to sit with you and sing or listen to a story. He such an affectionate little boy, which is a blessing. He loves people and doing what others are doing. Sam will not be pushed around and is learning to hold his own with his older brothers. He is growing into such a sweet big brother as he looks after Nehemiah, feeds him and gives him kisses. Love his sweetness.

As sweet and fun as he is, Sam does have a temper and he is every bit a 2 year old. If you have kids or have been around kids you know what I mean! But by God's grace the tantrums are shortening and he is learning to share more.

Recently, Sam has begun to pray at meals and during family prayer times. There is nothing like hearing the prayers of a small child, even if you cannot understand them because you know God can! How much grace God is already giving Sam! It is such a blessing and I pray it continues and that He will know the Saving Power of Jesus!

Sam is learning how to clean and put things away better, and always wants to help the older kids with their chores. I pray God will continue to give Sam a strong work ethic and that he will work hard for God's glory as he grows.

What a blessing to have Samuel in our lives! I thank God for him and his precious life. May God continue to use Sam to bring others to Him!

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