Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Product Spotlight #1 with Top 10 Sellers

Body Pack

I cannot tell you how much I love the Body Pack. It has changed showering for me! I used to hate trying to get clean in the shower because I just couldn't get clean. Maybe that sounds weird to you, but really all the soaps I tried always left me feeling gross. I didn't know why. A couple years ago I began learning more about what's in body soaps and it made sense. There is oil in them that coats your skin and does not allow it to breathe! There are also chemicals that can dry out skin and cause irritation.

Now that I have a body pack, I don't have this problem anymore! My skin feels clean and it's able to do what God created it to do because there aren't oils and chemicals coating it. I just use my body cloth and water from the shower to clean. It's wonderful! When you have a house full of kids it also cuts shower time when you need it. Added bonus!

Maybe you have sensitive skin or dry skin. Maybe cleaning products bother you and you cannot find a good product for cleaning your skin. These are great for you as well. They are made with the Norwex microfiber so they are soft and gentle on skin while removing up to 99% of pathogens that are on your skin.

After using the cloth rinse it out thoroughly and hang it up to dry. It's ready the next day!

These really have made a huge difference in my day. I highly recommend them!

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (Body Pack is on p. 53)

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