Friday, April 22, 2016

Think Green Think Beyond Yourself: Happy Earth Day

Earlier this month I shared about Thinking Green to Save Green, but today I really want to focus on how thinking green is learning to think beyond yourself.

There are a lot of personal benefits to using more reusable products and less of the disposable, as I have shared before, but as a mother of 7 who is earnestly seeking to live out love your neighbor as yourself before my kids and teaching them to live the same way, I'm finding that living a "green" lifestyle is as much about loving your neighbor as it is about dollars and cents.

As I look at some of the information out there about earth day, it is evident that improving the planet is the primary focus. But why should we bother improving the planet at all? When we do our part to take care of the planet, we are loving our neighbor as ourselves. For every reusable bottle, every cloth napkin, every reusable bag we carry with us we are saying I love others more than myself, more than my convenience.

I do want to say I don't condemn the use of disposable products and even use these things myself on occasion. It is not evil! And the way many things are made it is difficult to completely get away from disposable products. But it is clear from much research that the more of this we use, the more damage we are doing to our planet, the more damage we are doing to others and to the generations to come.

The basic commands in Scripture are to love God and love others. We are also charged by God to care for the earth. Again, I condemn nothing, but the more I look into everything out there, the more I realize that there are many things we can to do to love others and some of those ways is to decrease disposable waste where we can, stop using so many chemicals and recycle when we do use plastic, glass and aluminum products.

I'm thankful for Norwex in helping me to do at least the first 2 things and that we have recycling in our city so that the little bit of plastic from their bottled products can be recycled.

What would you like to learn about Norwex helping you go green?

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