Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary

We read Beezus and Ramona with our Core A material from Sonlight and I was looking forward to it because I loved the Ramona show on PBS when I was a kid. However, I was not a huge fan of this book. It was well written and definitely had good life lessons, but I personally struggled with how bratty Ramona was. I know this is human nature and how kids act, but reading it to my kids, who already struggle with acting like that, was hard.

I did like seeing Beezus working through her feelings and knowing that her feeling were not always right. I liked seeing her inventiveness in working through problems and learning to deal with her little sister. It provided good learning opportunities to talk to the older ones about loving there younger siblings when they bothered them as well as what God says about loving others.

I would give this book around 3 stars.

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