Friday, June 17, 2016

Product Spotlight #5 (June Specials)

One of this months customer specials with Norwex features the Envirocloth (p.6) and Window Cloth (p.10). Today I want to share with you why our family loves our Window Cloth and why it pairs so well with the Envirocloth.

The Window Cloth works amazingly on windows, silver, jewelry and really any shiny surface to give you a nice clean and clear finish. After using our Window Cloth we could see clearly through the windows and the sunlight beamed through as I have never seen before.

With 6 kids there are always finger prints all over our windows. We use our Envirocloth to remove the grime that comes along with kids' finger prints and use the Window Cloth to shine it up. They are a great team!

You can clean the window with only spritzing water and wiping with the Window Cloth and it works quite well, especially if you don't have kids' hands all over them! But I really like the combo for a nice clean.

How have you used a Window Cloth? What is your preference? Just a Window Cloth or using it with the Envirocloth?

Check out Shines So Bright for a great deal on both!

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Emmie Manor Independent Norwex Consultant
Catalog (p. 10)

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