Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nehemiah's First Birthday!

It's hard to believe our 6th child is 1 year old today. A year ago Nehemiah came into this world with a quick gusto that was such a blessing. And our lives have continued with gusto as we adjusted to being a family of 8. How Nehemiah has blessed our family as he reminds us of the comfort and help God gives to His people.

Nehemiah has grown so much in this past year and yet the smallest of our boys. But he still keeps up with his siblings. He loves to play and explore, crawling fairly early so that he could play with the rest of the crew. You can already see his mind going as he picks up things and attempts to figure out what they are and what he should do with them. How I pray God continues to give him an adventurous spirit and use it for His Kingdom!

Nehemiah has the best smile and laugh. He laughs at just about everything. He certainly smiles at his family and fits right in to a big family. It's fun to watch him respond to things. And he is definitely one of the boys, even though he's little. By God's grace he is very go with the flow and just lets things go.

About the only thing Nehemiah doesn't like is being upside down and eating. We hope as we continue to introduce things he will like eating better, but he just doesn't seem to care for it.

We are so blessed by Nehemiah's life. He adds so much to our family and God has given us such a gift in Nehemiah. Father thank you so much for the precious gift of Nehemiah! Thank You for giving us another boy and for giving us a precious reminder of who You are as our comforter and helper. Please grow him into a man after Your own heart who is a comfort and help to others and seeks Your way over his own. Please save him by Your grace at a young age, that he may grow in fear and admonition of You. Give him a deep love for Your Word and Your Way. Thank You again for such a precious gift!

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