Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Blessings

It's hard to believe we are half way through 2016 already! It's always good to look back, half way through the year, at what God has done for us. June has been a good and full month as we came back from vacation and got to work on school and preparing for baby number 7. Here are some of the blessing God has given us this month!

  1. Getting appts set up
  2. Getting June Norwex stuff up
  3. Good sales
  4. Kids working hard
  5. Looking at the next 10 weeks
  6. Surviving heat
  7. God fixing the A/C
  8. God working in chaos
  9. Growing in prayer
  10. Good conversation with Jamey about the Gospel
  11. Lisa coming to help
  12. God teaching me to reach out
  13. Good news about Sojourn
  14. Making through the day with a lot of pain
  15. Writing group
  16. Journaling beyond Bible reading
  17. Hearing God's voice
  18. Time to read
  19. Relaxing afternoon
  20. Wrestling with God
  21. Starting to study Judges at church
  22. Half-priced Fraps
  23. Nap
  24. Lots of time to read
  25. New vegan dish that is yummy
  26. Talking with Becca and Jim
  27. Spending the day with the Vander Weerts
  28. Kids getting in the pool by themselves
  29. Jim working extra
  30. Going to the park
  31. Meeting a new Sojourner
  32. Praying for Brienne
  33. Working on notes
  34. Seeing Laura B
  35. Hearing the Huckaby's Stories
  36. Time to go to the pool
  37. Talking with Melanie
  38. Morning out
  39. Productive afternoon
  40. Date night in
  41. Free Starbucks and a movie
  42. Middle boys sitting together and talking
  43. Writing
  44. Celebrating Shannon's birthday
  45. Talking with Jim
  46. God's mercy
  47. Getting through the heat
  48. Good Saturday at home
  49. Getting a lot of school work completed
  50. Minimal TV week
  51. Errands
  52. Celebrating 12 Years
  53. Good sermon on Gideon
  54. God working out people for while we're gone: Thank you to Becca, Shannon, Julianne, Victor and Ariana!
  55. Doing nails with Becca
  56. Relaxing afternoon
  57. Getting a real card from Jim
  58. Kids napping 4.5 hours
  59. Time alone with Sam
  60. Getting good sleep
  61. Kids excited about VBS
  62. Jim baking
  63. Making good time to Elk Creek
  64. Cheap Qdoba
  65. Not having to get up with the kids
  66. Nice leisurely breakfast
  67. Enjoying a nice day with Jim
  68. Being surprised by gifts
  69. Playing pool
  70. Good food
  71. Talking and seeking God together
  72. Good dr, appt
  73. Making appts through 40 weeks
  74. Yummy dinner at Red Lobster
  75. Seeing the new Captain America
  76. Gabriel and Sam playing well together for over an hour
  77. Running errands with all 6 kids by myself
  78. The flexibility of homeschool
  79. Realizing I really want the kids at home
  80. God's grace in the tough moments
  81. God continuing to work on my heart
  82. People who are understanding
  83. Jamey and Lillian working on their own well
  84. Time with God
  85. Growing and being stretched
  86. Helping the Fisher's pack
  87. Good sermon on Samson and not following the culture
  88. Surprising Jim for Father's Day
  89. God giving me self-control
  90. Time to meet with the Robinettes
  91. Encouragement
  92. Sharing and receiving wisdom
  93. Meal night at CG
  94. Learning from others
  95. Opportunity to grow business
  96. Finishing Dracula
  97. Starting new classic
  98. Cleaning and teaching kids to clean more
  99. All sitting at the table to do school work together
  100. Good group for Childbirth Conversations
  101. Kids playing well outside
  102. Pizza for lunch
  103. Wedding shopping with Becca
  104. Family time in the evening
  105. School planning for next year
  106. Good sermon on Samson's end
  107. Seeing how God can use our sin
  108. Jim working extra
  109. Book club
  110. Homemade Ice Cream Cake
  111. Getting good ideas for Childbirth Conversations
  112. Learning more about balancing time and prioritizing
  113. Nehemiah turning 1!
  114. Going to playgroup
  115. Sam saying opening prayer and Bible verse with the family
  116. Diary Del
  117. Meeting new people
  118. Cheap Chick-fil-A
  119. Exercising
  120. God revealing understanding
  121. Sara coming for a while
  122. Sam saying closing prayer
  123. Taking a nap
  124. Boys dancing to worship songs
  125. Good end to the month
How has God blessed you?

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