Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Do You Do With One?

Last week I had the opportunity to spend 2 hours alone with my 2 year old. What on earth do you do with one kid!? That was what I was asking myself. I can barely remember having just one and my second was born well before he turned two. So really, what were we to do?

We ended up watching Leap Frog videos, reading a book in spurts, talking about letters and numbers and just rocking together. It was so weird! Enjoyable but very odd. I don't think either of us knew what to do without the others around.

I will say, though, I learned a very valuable lesson in this time. God knows what He's doing!

I know this is not an incredible observation for those who trust in the God of the universe, but it hit me so much in those two hours. Why? Because I realized just how lazy I would be if I only had one. And laziness is a sin. God has intentionally given me a big family to draw me out of my lazy tendencies and teach me more about hard work for Him, taking care of family and just how to be more like Jesus as a whole.

One is hard, don't get me wrong. Sam is crazy and very full of life and keeps me hopping on a regular basis. But 7, is even more so. There is little rest except that which God gives. There is always something that needs to be done and always training to do. You are responsible for so much!

But it is a great blessing. A great heritage from the Lord. (Psalm 127)

God gives different sized families to different people all for His purpose. No matter what size yours is, work hard as unto the Lord and not for man. Teach and train and do not fall pray to laziness that come so easily. Father, continue to teach me how to work hard in my home, for Your Kingdom and Your glory. Teach others as well, that Your people may be witness to a dying world Who You are and how great Your ways are.

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