Friday, November 9, 2012

A Baby is a Coming

If Mama "neediness" is a sign of a baby coming, this baby should be born next week. The last couple of weeks the need of and cling to me has increased greatly, especially of Jamey and Lillian. In fact, my 3 1/2 year old has reverted back to about 18 months! He is always whining, wants me to be everywhere with him and "needs" me to help him eat. It's insane. Some of Lillian's antics I associate with being 2, but she picks the strangest things she needs help with but then thinks she can do things she cannot. Reuben has moments of clinginess, but he is more attached to Daddy at the moment, which is nice so I am only wrestling with 2. I do love it when he wants to snuggle though.

So anyone familiar with kids regressing prior to delivery?

641. Kids wanting to snuggle
642. Hearing Jamey sing Bible verses in the back seat
643. Jamey and Lillian asking to listen to Bible verse songs (can learn a lot from this)
644. Reuben clapping while we sing
645. Excitement about school
646. Reuben being in school and enjoying it
647. Jamey and Lillian saying Scripture and learning character definitions
648. Continuing to learn about God as I study Amos
649. Meeting new people at water aerobics
650. Seeing parallels to Israel and myself (not in a good way but eye opening)
651. Catching up with Ashley Wells (love this girl and her story)
652. Being awake to greet Jim
653. MOMStogether!
654. Meeting a former worker in Russia
655. Getting an afternoon nap
656. All 3 kids napping
657. Making holiday plans with the family
658. Having family come to us this year
659. Kids in bed on time with little fight
660. Getting to sleep early

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  1. I'm familiar with one 20 month old who regressed when a baby was born.