Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Caught Up Before Thanksgiving

721. Church
722. New Sojourn Music! (Check out the new album here
723. Being reminded that I cannot earn my salvation and Jesus died so I can live a life beyond sin and death
724. Mexican food
725. Finding out all of the Emers are coming in December!
726. Movie afternoon (since the kids decided not to nap)
727. Finding good deals at CVS
728. Relaxing Sunday
729. Beautiful weather
730. Getting grocery store and CVS run done at the same time
731. Free Cookies!!!!!
732. Laughs and giggles
733. 3 kids napping
734. Getting some cleaning done
735. A fun evening with the kids
736. Becca getting home early
737. Finding out Becca's class was canceled for Wednesday night
738. Reaching Swagbuck goals
739. Banana split ice cream
740. Early sleep
741. Playgroup
742. "Meeting" a new mom
743. Getting to spend time with sisters while our kids play
744. Family lunch on a Tuesday
745. Jim finished Greek for the semester!
746. Getting more stuff done
747. Going to the pool for a few minutes
748. Talking to a sister about birthing classes and finding more information to help educate women about birth
749. Meeting Mrs. Sills and Molly (very encouraging)
750. Getting done in the pool early
751. Community group dinner
752. Encouraging brothers and sisters
753. Organizing the office
754. Going through clothes
755. Getting some cleaning done
756. Seeing Dawn after 2 1/2 weeks
757. Encouraging conversation
758. Family getting here safely
759. Planning family pictures for December
760. Laughs, hugs and play

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