Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reading to Write

When I returned from the writing retreat I was so on fire for my writing. I am still strongly desiring to write, the passion is still there. But as life as continued to get more exhausting and I have written what I planned to write I have gotten discouraged and will go days without writing. I may write in my journal and I can usually manage to do that most days, but my book is a struggle. This is frustrating as my goal is to be finished with it by March and I will be adding a new family member in the middle of that time.

So Thursday afternoon as I sat in my kids room I decided instead of writing I would read a book I borrowed from the library and it was like a breath of fresh air. Do not ask me why, but it helped me to relax and the next couple of days I was able to work on my book, even though I am not sure of the next specific steps I was able to plug through. I have limited hours in the day right now it feels as I am requiring more sleep currently and have 3 kids and a husband to care for as well as a house to run to the best of my capability. But I am realizing that reading helps to inspire writing and I need to do both more in the midst of preparing my home for baby number 4.

661. Having a family fun day
662. Getting needed emails written
663. Watching the kids play together on the playground
664. Jamey wanting to help Reuben
665. Talking through my next classes with Jim
666. Target!
667. Relaxing in the afternoon
668. TV shows
669. Playing games
670. Watching the kids play horse for each other
671. Church!
672. Catching up with Kristen
673. Brothers and Sister we can connect with and love on even when we do not get to talk often
674. Kids resting
675. Getting to read some
676. Laughing with my family
677. Laughing with my kids
678. The honesty of children
679. More time with the family
680. Kids in bed early
681. Jim letting me sleep until 8!
682. Still getting school done
683. Lillian comforting Reuben when he was upset
684. Reuben allowing Lillian to comfort him and hugging her
685. Grocery store without kids
686. Sticking to the list!
687. Quiet afternoon
688. Taking a hot shower just because
689. Teacher's tournament on Jeopardy
670. Going to bed early
671. Everybody sleeping until 7:30!
672. Another lazy day at home
673. Getting lots of laundry done
674. Taking a nap (even if by accident)
675. Prayer time at Sojourn
676. Meeting another worker and connecting with her
677. New brother at Community Group
678. Knowing Satan is threatened by what God's people are doing
679. The Holy Spirit sustaining me in all things
680. God's faithfulness

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