Wednesday, November 7, 2012


601. Hearing from a brother from England on Sunday morning
602. Learning about the warning of judgement being a blessing
603. Lazy Sunday afternoon
604. Being able to keep the kids up to help get them back on schedule
605. Kids going to bed without any fight or getting up half a dozen times!
606. Going to bed at 7:30!
607. Feeling sort of rested after the time change
608. Kids begging to do school
609. Getting done with morning routine including school by 8:15
610. Growing in meal planning
611. Going to the grocery store without kids
612. Kids being excited to see us
613. A cuddly Jamey
614. Jamey and Lillian "reading" their Bible and knowing that John 14:6 is in the Bible
615. Watching Jamey and Lillian "journal"
616. Jamey loving to journal
617. Reuben's playful spirit and laughter
618. All 3 kids taking a nap
619. Jim being off from work
620. Getting to watch some TV shows
621. Women's prayer- great time of prayer and fellowship
622. Living in a nation that can vote
623. Living in a nation that where I am free to serve God as He leads
624. Becca not having class and going to playgroup with us
625. Catching up with sisters I have not seen in a while
626. All 3 kids napping again!
627. Being able to journal and write
628. Getting a little down/rest time
629. Going to prayer time at Sojourn
630. Talking to one of the interns interested in going overseas
631. Community Group
632. Going to bed before 10
633. More eagerness to learn from the kids
634. Going to the store to get fun stuff for little money!
635. Making lunch!
636. The kids eating up their tilapia, sweet potatoes and broccoli
637. Lillian serenading us with "Jesus Loves Me" (signs included) and the ABCs
638. Jamey cheering Lillian on
639. Lillian being everyones cheerleader
640. Strength to endure even in fatigue

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