Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message

I just took this class in SWI with Dr. T.J Betts, author of the supplemental text with the title above. Recently God has given me a passion for studying the Old Testament, and it was a privilege to sit under this teacher and learn more about Amos. Though it is a Minor Prophet and only 9 chapters long, there is a lot of information and much to be learned from this book. The commentary helped in understanding the text and the context of Amos. The questions at the end of each chapter also guided me in thinking in depth about God, His nature, and what He teaches us today. In this study, God opened my eyes to see how this applies to His Word as a whole and points to Christ. It was quite convicting and I hope and pray God will continue to work on my heart as I study the Bible and learn it better.

I encourage everyone to read Amos, and if you are looking for a commentary I highly recommend this book to read along side or to do in a group Bible study.

In the course of the class we had some challenging thoughts and questions that I would like to share.

God is patient, but His patience has a limit.
Are we trifling with God's patience?

God judges the pagan nations based on what they know. God judges Israel based on what they know, and they know the truth of God's Word and have His law.

How can we bless the nations for God's glory when we are not blessing each other.

Have we been faithful to the Gospel by word and deed?

Where is your security?

Those who reject the Lord are dead.

Does your future truly hold what you think it holds?
Am I truly living for Christ? Is that my heart?
Is your worship of the Lord truly worship of the Lord?
Why do we do what we do? For ourselves or for Christ?

God is against the pride of humanity.

What does it mean to be humble?

A "whoa is me" attitude is looking at ourselves too much and is false humility.
Humility is complete dependence on God.
Confidence comes from our relationship with Christ and who we are in Him.

If there were really a famine of God's Word, how much would we miss it?
How long would you last on what you know of God's Word right now?

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