Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

761. Being able to turn on TV shows for the kids so I could sleep a little longer
762. My mom getting Thanksgiving lunch figured out even though it was at my house
763. Thanksgiving lunch as a family
764. Reuben starting to hold hands when we pray
765. Yummy food!
766. Beautiful weather
767. Jim having a job (even though he had to work on Thanksgiving)
768. Jamey being entertained for hours with stickers
769. Talking Bible and theology as a family
770. Being able to encourage and challenge
771. All sleeping until 6:30
772. Having kids who are good eaters
773. Going to Homerun Burgers
774. Getting some black Friday deals at CVS
775. CVS taking responsibility for something that may or may not have been their fault
776. PIZZA!!!!
777. Lillian putting herself to bed by choice
778. Reuben's laughter and clapping
779. Movie night at home
780. Pumpkin cake and cool whip
781. Watching Jim and the kids play
782. Journaling
783. Realizing I have done more on my to do list before baby than I thought
784. Having more books to choose from and read
785. Reading
786. Swagbucks
787. Getting caught up on email
788. Getting pictures uploaded and posted
789. All three kids cooperating for a picture
790. Going to bed early
791. Feeling awake when woken up at 5:30
792. Lillian helping me get out of the bed
793. A reminder of God's heart for His people
794. Taking a nap
795. Getting meals planned and shopping lists made
796. Movie with the kids
797. Evening with the hubby at home
798. Really good price on Rosetta Stone
799. Encouraging blog posts
800. Learning that we are not so alone

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