Saturday, November 17, 2012


681. Having the option of educational videos when needed
682. Given unplanned time to write
683. Kids laughs
684. Watching Jamey figure out how to make things
685. Seeing the kids imagination come alive
686. Lillian's singing
687. Time to read
688. Staying healthy
689. Kids going to bed early without complaint
690. Early bedtime
691. Getting needed emails done
692. Learning more about priorities
693. Getting registered for SWI classes next semester
694. All taking an early nap
695. Being able to visit sister Kara
696. Small water aerobics class
697. Getting to meet and talk to another sister
698. Getting two sandwiches for the price of one!
699. A great last night of Amos class
700. Being challenged to know God's Word better
701. Kids sleeping until 6!
702. Getting some extra needed sleep
703. Hanging out with my kids
704. Yummy food
705. Kids wanting me
706. Reuben loving on Jim
707. Getting some of my book typed up
708. Kids going to bed without fight
709. Going to CVS and Rite Aid
710. Treats
711. Kids sleeping until 6 again!
712. Skyping with Brit, Brendon and Kylee to wish Brendon Happy Birthday!
713. Feeling really good this morning! (is this a good sign?)
714. Having a great time of prayer and Bible reading
715. Learning more of the Torah
716. Writing Group
717. Panera breakfast
718. Kids napping for 4 hours!
719. Catching up on TV shows
720. Relaxing evening as a family

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