Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jan 1 to 7

1. Living to see another year
2. Getting to sleep extra this morning
3. Having a nice family day at home
4. Watching the kids play together
5. Having some one on one time with Reuben
6. Jamey responding well to correction
7. Seeing God's grace at work in all of us
8. Free e-books
9. Free planning printables (seriously they are every where! Not good for someone who wants to see all their options :) )
10. People who are a head of me in life that I can glean from
11. Hearing from a couple of friends in other countries
12. Getting some cleaning and straightening done
13. Jim getting stronger and able to wrestle with all the kids at the same time
14. Reading to Lillian
15. Snuggling with all my kids
16. Reuben giving kisses
17. Having a girls movie night with my sister while Jim went out with the guys
18. Getting a day of school done
19. Having kids who are eager to do school
20. Jim ending up with another day off of work
21. Women's prayer
22. Having one of our current workers at women's prayer
23. Getting to spend some time talking with Anastasia
24. Growing closer to precious sisters in Christ
25. Running a couple errands by myself
26. Feeling to Holy Spirit increasing in me again
27. Learning how to pray more for my husband and kids
28. Making it until 5pm without turning on the TV!
29. Learning to enjoy my kids more
30. Learning more grace with others and myself
31. Finding out Jim will be switching to a WOW position at work!!!!!
32. Getting to spend some time with Asmaa and Sarah
33. Free Pizzas!!!!!
34. A meeting for Sojourn artist and writers (very encouraging)
35. Meeting Jennifer and talking with her
36. Catching up with Shannon
37. Quills coffee
38. Being reminded that everything under the sun is meaningless without Christ
39. Being reminded that if God wants us to do something that it is meaningful if done for His glory
40. Jim getting up with the kids so I could sleep in!!!!!
41. Getting mostly organized this past week
42. Watching Jamey marvel at Gabriel
43. Jamey loving on his siblings
44. Lillian wanting to read
45. Left over food
46. Gathering with brothers and sisters to pray
47. Hearing God answer specific prayer requests
48. Being reminded that God loves His children and responds to our requests
49. Brownies, amazing chocolates and hot chocolate
50. Managing to get meal planning done before going to bed
51. Staying on task with the cleaning calendar this week
52. Getting the kids involved with cleaning
53. Reuben beginning to show some interest in Gabriel
54. Enjoying a snow day
55. Jamey making a snowman
56. Staying on my Bible reading plan
57. Being able to get some sleep even with kids getting up early
58. Having children who want to do puzzles
59. Having children who want to play together
60. Hearing God's voice

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