Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 14 to 20

131. Gabriel sleeping 6 hours
132. Having a plan for the day
133. School going well with 3 kids
134. Jamey and Lillian both eager to learn
135. Getting caught up on Russian lessons
136. Getting the kids drawers organized
137. Writing some
138. Reading the Word
139. Time to pray alone
140. Block party at the Ivey's house
141. Connecting with more Sojourners
142. Gabriel sleeping almost 6 hours again
143. Getting all school stuff done and snack before playgroup
144. Walking to playgroup
145. Having new people and others that haven't been in awhile at playgroup
146. Coffee with Dawn
147. Jim getting to pick up some bonus hours
148. Taking dinner to Caroline
149. Cooperating kids for bed
150. Early bed time
151. BSF
152. Working with the kids this morning
153. Jim having lunch ready when we got home
154. Getting a little cleaning done
155. All 5 of us napping for a couple hours!
156. Eating dinner with Reuben while the rest slept
157. Helping Jamey with spelling (one of his favorite play activities)
158. Reading "Excellent Wife" to Lillian
159. Saying Psalm 23 with my kids
160. Easy bed time!
161. Finding out Amir is coming home! We serve a great God!
162. God teaching me about scheduling and prioritizing my time
163. Learning to really enjoy the life God has given me
164. Going to water aerobics
165. Being encouraged by Mandy Groce
166. Being challenged everyday by life
167. Time to really pray in the car
168. Feeling the Holy Spirit moving mightily in me
169. Getting 5 days of school done this week!
170. Getting 5 days of Russian lessons done this week
171. Journaling a little every day
172. Learning more about time management
173. Jim getting to work more extra hours
174. Having Jim home and a fun Friday evening
175. Watching Jamey learn to draw
176. Spending time reading to Lillian
177. Having time to talk with Jim
178. Getting to read more this week
179. Preparing for a new semester of SWI
180. Meeting new women whom I can encourage and encourage me
181. God's grace
182. Writing Group
183. Praising God with other believers
184. Learning to really rejoice in others successes without comparing
185. Jamey spontaneously giving Gabriel kisses all day
186. Lillian using the toilet!!!!!
187. Getting lots of free ebooks this week
188. Family getting here safely
189. Getting a blog post done
190. Keeping up with Bible reading this week!
191. Seeing Becca baptized this morning!!!!!
192. Learning more about God's sovereignty
193. Yummy lunch
194. Spending the afternoon with family and friends
195. Having fun conversations
196. Watching Lillian mimic worship
197. Having Jamey and Lillian learn more about baptism
198. Watching a Falcons game (even though we lost)
199. Learning from those younger than me
200. Jamey and Lillian playing together
201. Kids going to be easily
202. Reuben mostly walking!
203. Gabriel growing and getting stronger
204. Teaching Jamey to use the camera
205. Having all 4 kids in the room during a Russian lesson

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