Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jan 21 to 27

206. Becca having the day off
207. Going to the grocery store with Jim
208. Free cookies
209. Talking with kids at lunch
210. Teaching my kids how to have a conversation
211. Coffee with Dawn
212. Watching Jamey draw
213. Reading to Lillian
214. Reuben walking around
215. Getting time to read
216. Taking an SWI J-term
217. Meeting new and wonderful women
218. Meeting a lactation consultant
219. God confirming more things
220. Fellowship
221. Sitting under the teaching of wise Godly women
222. Mrs. Mohler
223. Getting to catch up with Bekah and Rebekah
224. Mrs. Magnuson
225. Mrs. Stinson
226. Community Group starting back
227. Having brothers and sisters who are about community and being real
228. Home made mocha
229. Yummy snacks
230. Mrs. Ware
231. Mrs. Cook
232. Ann being able to help us with the kids even with her two boys
233. More conversations about education
234. Continued confirmation
235. Going to bed really early :)
236. Dr. Beougher
237. Mrs. Beougher
238. Having breakfast with Amanda
239. Getting things done early
240. Going to water aerobics
241. Gabriel sleeping through 2 days of classes and water aerobics
242. Gabriel going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping well at night
243. Mrs. York
244. Mrs. Dumas
245. Great conversations throughout the week
246. Learning about people
247. Getting to breathe and love on my kids
248. Reuben wanting to cuddle all afternoon
249. Spending the evening with Jim
250. Nice family day at home
251. Reading to my kids
252. Playing with my kids
253. Getting caught up on some stuff
254. Kids going to bed early without fuss
255. Church
256. Getting to meet local workers moving to church plan in Pittsburgh
257. Catching up with Brittany
258. Arby's turkey sandwiches
259. Fun with the family
260. Seeing Jamey's imagination come out (see story at the end of the list)
261. Watching Jamey learn to draw
262. Being encouraged by Jamey to draw more and stretch myself
263. Lillian wanting to hug and cuddle
264. Lillian keeping a clip in her hair
265. Good Rite Aid deals
266. Free Red Box movie!
267. Early kids bed time
268. At home date night with Jim
269. Watching "The Amazing Spider Man"
270. Getting some planning and scheduling done

Highlighting Jamey's imagination:
Jim has started teaching Jamey about "taking off your nose". Jamey loves this taking it literally in an imaginative way. Today Jim took off Jamey's nose and put it back. Jamey then proceeds to "take off and eat" Jim's nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Jim looks at Jamey and says, "May I have my head back?" Jamey looks at him and says quite clearly, "No you may not."
We both cracked up laughing. I love my kids!

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