Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reflection on Mona Lisa Smile

Since the first time I saw this movie I have liked it a lot. Even with the clear feminist agenda I still enjoy this movie. I am not really sure what drew me to this movie then and I am still not sure why I like this movie today, but I am enjoying it yet again. There are parts of the movie I do not like such as some of the language and unnecessary innuendo. But perhaps what draws me to it is the struggle of the view of the home that reflects the struggle of the culture, and more than that reflects the struggle of my own heart and understanding.

I always wanted to be a nurse and a stay-at-home mom. I do not ever remember thinking anything different. I would occasionally play in my head ideas of other jobs or careers, but I always came back to nursing and knew when I had children I wanted to stay home with them. By God's grace I have been able to do that, but I have felt the tug from both my selfish nature and the world in all of it.

I have felt like I need to prove myself. I have felt I have to work. I have felt that I absolutely will not work. I have been all over the place with this especially with the idea that you have to have a degree to be anything. But Joan Brandwin played by Julia Stiles says it best when she says:

"I know exactly what I'm going and it doesn't make me any less smart...You tell us to look past the image but you don't. To you a housewife is someone who sold her soul for a center hall colonial. She has no depth, no intellect, no interest... This is what I want."

There is nothing "unsmart" to being a housewife. In fact homemakers do the job of 3 full time workers. Clearly to manage a home you have to be smart. And you don't need a degree to be smart. Degrees are useful, but not necessary.

What is really boils down to is seek the Lord in where you need to be. Though this movie does not actually say this, I see the message in it. It reminds me of what the world is missing and why I am thankful to have a relationship with God to guide me in His way and His path for me.

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