Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Important Things

In the past couple of weeks my plans have been shifted for various reasons. I made my goals for the year and I have done the best I can, but God is showing me I can make all the goals and plans I want, but only He can ordain them and make them come to fruition. Sunday a week ago was a day of celebration for us as my sister, Becca, was baptized. As part of the celebration my family was in town and two of Becca's friends joined us for the afternoon. It was a great time of fun, fellowship and a side of football. As a result I did not have my weekly planning done at the end of the day. I was frustrated and began to feel a little panicky as I went to bed. In the morning, though, as I prayed and worked on my planning for the week, God reminded me that people are more important than all the plans I can make. People are who Jesus came to save and it is with relationships with people that we share this with others or enjoy the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Today a similar situation. I took time to plan my day out the night before. I woke up earlier than anticipated and ready to start the day. When I went to my sister's room I discovered she had been sick during the night, throwing a slight kink into the day. Thankfully she felt better around the time we needed to leave but not everything was done this morning. We had to rearrange some things, but thankfully Dawn and I were able to have our weekly meeting. We met longer than usual but it was such a good thing. Some things on my "to-do" list were neglected, but it was completely worth it!
There are enough hours in the day to do what God wants us to do. This is what God is teaching me as I strive to meet my goals.

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